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SITA technology helps more than 1,000 airports worldwide deliver a hassle-free passenger journey. Our future proof solutions - including single token travel, common-use in the cloud, business intelligence, near-field communications (NFC), day of travel services and beacons - are helping transform airports and improve the passenger experience around the world.

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AI: Intelligent tracking

The cost of dealing with mishandled bags in 2017 was a jaw-dropping US$2.3 billion! Could artificial intelligence (AI) come to the rescue and make mishandled baggage an increasingly rare event?

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Send messages over one resilient, redundant connection with SITA's hub-and-spoke baggage message system.
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Ensure your transfer systems receive necessary baggage information, automatically, in order to process and sort bags correctly, even without a BIM.
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Ensure that bags don't get loaded onto the wrong aircraft, saving time and money associated with delayed flights, disrupted schedules, missed connections, and so on.
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