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  • Imagine if you could control and manage all operations from landside to airside through a central point. Correlate and analyze all operational and resource data, plan for on the day operations. How could that enhance your operations?

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  • Turn data into knowledge to improve operational efficiency and the customer experience. Provide in-depth reports on based on multiple variants. Focus on what matters - business drivers and their performance.

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  • Using years of historical flight movement, weather and air traffic control data SITA Flight Predictor service can provide an accurate flight prediction look-ahead windows of up to 24 hours for airport users, increasing to 72 hours out for airline users.

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SITA technology helps more than 1,000 airports worldwide deliver a hassle-free passenger journey. Our future proof solutions - including single token travel, common-use in the cloud, business intelligence, near-field communications (NFC), day of travel services and beacons - are helping transform airports and improve the passenger experience around the world.

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SITA ControlBridge

SITA ControlBridge provides you with a single solution for the development of your airport integrated control center, starting with the concept of operation through to the design of the work space and the integration of the supporting technologies.

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Passenger flow monitoring

SITA's end-to-end passenger flow monitoring allows airports to reduce wait time at security, improve operational efficiency, increase non-aeronautical revenues, and enhance the passenger experience.
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AirportCentral AirportResource Manager

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Real-time planning and tracking of irregular operations, aeronautical billing, and reporting.
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Airports are a demanding, fast-paced, resource-consuming, multi-stakeholder, unpredictable, 24/7 business environment. Airport operational teams are continually looking to drive improvements through operational efficiencies and enhanced customer experience. OperationsAnalyzer is a powerful and customizable tool that can address these challenges.
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