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SITA Safety Cube

SITA Safety Cube stands at the forefront of aviation safety and compliance management, offering live, quantitative safety and risk assessment capabilities that redefine the aviation industry standards. Developed by aviation safety experts, it is a cornerstone for improving safety management, streamlining compliance, and instilling a proactive safety culture of data-driven decision-making across aviation service providers. 

Tailored for Every Aviation Service Providers

Tailored for Every Aviation Service Providers

From Air Navigation Service Providers (ANSPs) to Air Operators, Airports, Maintenance Repair Organizations (MROs), Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), and Civil Aviation Authorities (CAAs), SITA Safety Cube caters to the diverse needs of the aviation industry. Its comprehensive approach addresses the unique challenges faced by each sector, providing a unified and integrative solution for enhancing safety and compliance practices. 

Unlocking Actionable Intelligence

Unlocking Actionable Intelligence

SITA Safety Cube introduces a new dimension to risk analysis through its innovative bowtie analysis framework. Dynamically linking safety data to key operational risks ensures that safety assessments remain current and relevant. This empowers you to make informed, data-driven decisions, enhancing compliance and operational efficiency. Our solution allows your organization to: 


  • Implement efficient safety mitigation strategies by prioritizing resources based on real-time safety and compliance insights. 
  • Empower operational decision-making through data-driven insights, optimizing safety across any operation. 
  • Effortlessly track operational risk using dynamic bowtie analysis, evaluating the effectiveness of safety strategies. 
  • Transition to performance-based oversight with risk-based audits, optimizing compliance monitoring programs for enhanced effectiveness. 
Efficient Mobile Reporting for Enhanced Productivity

Efficient Mobile Reporting for Enhanced Productivity

Our safety management solution enhances risk management through robust, data-driven analysis, facilitating informed decision-making for any aviation safety team. Tailored dashboards and graphic visualizations enable you to assess trends and performance effectively, ensuring compliance with essential regulatory requirements. SITA Safety Cube is designed for seamless safety reporting, offering desktop and mobile apps that work online and offline. With features that adapt to existing forms and workflows, removing friction from the reporting process, prioritizing simplicity, and reliable reporting for busy frontline staff by: 


  • Adapting to existing forms 
  • Adapting to risk and compliance workflow 
  • Removing friction from the reporting process 
  • Gathering and recording compliance evidence 

Supported by SITA Global Customer Service & Operations

Trusted by over 50 aviation companies worldwide, SITA Safety Cube is backed by SITA Global Customer Service & Operations (CS&O). Our flexible service model ensures global business continuity, providing reliable monitoring services around the clock. With customized implementation processes, our safety experts seamlessly integrate SITA Safety Cube into existing workflows, enhancing efficiencies and reducing costs. Our solution complies with industry best practices, offering configurable features and interfaces suitable for different roles and skill levels to increase operational efficiencies, maintain the highest security and compliance standards, and foment a proactive safety culture in your organization.