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Border security is the key to every country’s safety, reputation and economy – and the health of its citizens. Threats, including health risks, are constantly evolving. So how do you balance managing the risks with promoting trade and tourism?

Governments aim to balance the need to control threats whilst promoting open borders



At SITA, we’ve been working with governments all around the world for more than 25 years to deliver fast and accurate border security. We help identify risks early and far from your border, offering flexible solutions that meet and manage your land, sea, and air border needs – 24/7.

We provide border management solutions to more than 70 countries – and all the G20 nations – enabling safe and secure travel to more than 85% of the world’s international travelers.

We work with all concerned government ministries and agencies, as well as police and security services, to deliver sophisticated, future-proofed border control.

Our border management solutions provide you with all the advanced information you need, along with early insights and decision-making capabilities. So you can secure your border and keep your country safe. Covering the entire passenger journey, end-to-end.

A complete integrated border management suite


Our border management solutions are now available for all modes of travel, including air, cruise, rail, and major international sporting and cultural events.

To keep thousands of visitors moving smoothly and securely across borders.

Even at the busiest times.

Satelite Satelite


Our comprehensive portfolio includes Travel Authorization, API PNR Gateway, Border Control, Intelligence and Targeting, Digital Travel Credentials, Advance Passenger Processing, and Health Protect.


SITA Advance Passenger Processing

Export your border by risk assessing individuals planning to travel to, through or from your country

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SITA API PNR is a state-of-the-art solution revolutionizing border management by leveraging advanced technology to enable operational efficiency

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SITA Border Control

An advanced solution designed to enhance border security and streamline the entry process across various modes of transportation

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SITA Intelligence and Targeting

End-to-end solution for advanced risk assessment, identification, and threat management for borders across the entire traveler journey

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SITA Travel Authorization

Approve access and collect additional data ahead of travel
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