The future of travel is digital

The demand for travel keeps rising. But travelers expect more now than ever before.
Working together as an industry, we can achieve more.

More seamless, efficient, enjoyable and secure

All across the world, SITA is digitally transforming journeys from end-to-end.
Thanks to our unrivalled experience and solutions, we're making travel more seamless and efficient for all — throughout airports and across borders.

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We'll help you make the most of the Digital Travel revolution and enjoy a range of benefits:

Increased capacity

Optimized resources

Faster passenger processing

Improved security

Enhanced scalability

Transformed passenger experiences



Watch our latest animation that demonstrates

how digital identities are gearing up to redefine how we travel,

promising a smoother end-to-end traveler journey.

Your Digital Travel partner for today

We’re uniquely positioned to create seamless travel experiences. Airlines, airports and governments everywhere benefit from our Digital Travel solutions.

Our SITA Smart Path and SITA Flex solutions make travel biometrically-enabled, mobile-driven, and untethered from fixed points in the airport.

Our digital border solutions enable Digital Travel for 70+ governments and all G20 nations. Our eVisa / Travel Authorization solutions transform border operations.

Watch our Aruba Happy One Pass video: see the future for Digital Travel, using ICAO's DTC.

Check out our Digital Travel success for the 2022 World Cup.

Leading the way


Be a pioneer of Digital Travel

As digital transformation accelerates, we’re innovating for digital
identities and processes across the journey. Why not join us?

We’re already working globally with:

Whether you’re starting big or small, talk to SITA about our solutions today.
We’ll help you build a strategy and take the right steps towards a future of seamless Digital Travel.


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Why not learn how SITA can help you create Digital Travel today, and prepare you for the future. Read our latest Digital Travel Paper.

In this paper you will get answers to:

  • What is Digital Travel?
  • What does it mean for passengers, airlines, airports, and governments?
  • What are the risks of falling behind?
  • Why is digital identity a key enabler?
  • How are digital identities part of a much bigger ecosystem?
  • Why is a community approach essential?
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Digital Travel in action

  • A walkthrough experience
  • No need for travel documents
  • No need to stop
  • Facial scans as you go
  • A stress-free, seamless journey – like never before
  • SITA expertise for digital travel identity has landed

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SITA is unique. Created and owned by the industry, our mission is to bring stakeholders together to address challenges facing the travel community. No one is better placed to help answer your questions and set you on the road to the future of Digital Travel.

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