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Purchase orders

SITA has implemented a policy whereby only purchase orders generated by our procurement-to-pay (P2P) systems will be recognized. Verbal requests or non-system orders are invalid and cannot be relied upon. To be clear, SITA will neither accept nor pay any invoice that is not based on a purchase order (PO) produced by P2P (the "No PO = No pay" policy).

SITA asks for your support to uphold this policy and request that you only act on formal P2P POs.

Receipt of goods and services

SITA has adopted the three-way matching process. This process requires the matching of (1) the invoice to (2) the purchasing order and (3) the receipt. The receipt occurs when the goods and/or services are delivered. To be clear: No invoice will be paid unless and until SITA confirms the receipt for the goods or services procured. For this reason, SITA asks for your support to ensure the goods and services you provide to SITA are only delivered to the SHIP TO ADDRESS indicated on the purchase order.


All invoices must be delivered to Accounts Payable offices indicated on the SITA Purchase Order (PO). Invoices must clearly set forth the relevant PO numbers as well as a description of goods and/or services being billed. Invoices must be issued to the SITA entity stated in the PO. Invalid invoices (e.g. those issued to the incorrect SITA entity, not containing the correct PO numbers or missing the PO number) will be returned to the vendor. Please be aware that the payment will be delayed until the invoice discrepancies are resolved.

Further details on SITA Order, Delivery and Invoice submission process is outlined within Orders and Deliveries section.