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Our membership base includes airlines, airports, airport-based organizations, and air traffic management, with 95% of all international destinations and over 13,500 industry sites connected by SITA‘s network.

We drive the IT agenda across the air transport industry, thanks to the support and suggestions of our Members, researching and investing in the latest technology innovations.

SITA works closely with leading global industry associations, including The International Air Transport Association (IATA), Airport Council International (ACI), and locally with regional industry associations to ensure we are fully aligned to the current and future needs of our industry.

SITA members guide our direction and strategy through the SITA Council, which has reserved seats for both airport and ICT provider representatives.

Making sure members’ views are represented is what makes SITA unique. By representing members and their requirements, we remain at the heart of the air transport community.

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Benefits of SITA membership

Benefits of SITA membership

Nearly every airline and airport in the world does business with SITA, and almost every passenger’s trip relies on our technology.

The driving force behind this success has been our members and ownership by the air transport industry.

By working together, we accomplish more. As a member, you can participate in exchanging ideas and information that will define the technology needed to meet the future demands of a fast-changing industry. You will also contribute to the overall economic vitality and progress of SITA. The money we receive is used for the benefit of the industry, funding co-innovation to drive efficiencies and cost savings for our members and the entire community.

How to become a SITA member

How to become a SITA member

Any company, group or organization operating aircraft, or (II) any company, group or organization whose primary business is related to the air transport industry (an "ATI member"), or (III) any eligible institution, may request admission to the membership of SITA SC if they already are, or intend to become, a customer of SITA.

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