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At the forefront of Border Protection, SITA Border Control empowers governments to create a secure and frictionless border experience across all types of transport. It actively enhances the traveler’s journey, ensuring that it is seamless while also fostering trade and tourism.

Robust traveler data capture

Robust traveler data capture

SITA Border Control ensures the collection of quality biometric and biography data at the border control point.

Balancing security and facilitation

Balancing security and facilitation

With SITA Border Control, governments can avoid unnecessary queues at the border while maintaining stringent traveler checks across all transport modes.

Providing rich data for rapid decision making

Providing rich data for rapid decision making

With SITA Border Control, government officials can use multiple datasets to make informed and quick decisions

Supported by SITA Global Services

SITA Border Control is supported by SITA Global Services (SGS), which provides global business continuity through a flexible service model. Our monitoring service ensures your IT systems are reliable and available, around the clock and around the world. Our experts proactively monitor your infrastructure, identifying and resolving problems before they impact your business.

The benefits and advantages of using SITA Border Control products are that they provide the capability to speed up the border crossing process. A fully automated process that avoids congestion and increases passenger flow while minimizing queues and congestion. We provide greater flexibility about the airport floor and passenger flow management and process passengers faster. Our products deliver a smoother passenger journey and facilitate entry and exit management. Furthermore, this enables government agencies to improve passenger flow, increase competitiveness, and maintain the highest operational efficiency and security levels. 

Raghav Julka, Product Manager, Border Control


I would be delighted to share my thoughts in an online exploration session on how SITA Border Control can help you ensure maximum security at your borders, which includes: 

  • Ensuring a complete back-office system for processing passenger entries and exits on national territory 
  • Reducing wait times at the border by ensuring that passengers can accomplish themselves in a few seconds, thus, increasing a sense of empowerment 
  • Our solution offers a comprehensive end-to-end process with the EES and is intuitively customizable for different nationalities 
  • Abiding with EU EES compliant following the standards required for biometric capture 
  • We ensure both airports and border authorities benefit from flexible hardware design and process management. 

Join me in an informative online exploration session where you will gain valuable insights and discover how SITA Border Control can help government customers to enhance security and operational efficiency at their borders. 

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