SITA Smart Path™

Simple, fast, secure whole journey identity management


The future of air travel – where we can truly begin to provide a walkthrough experience from check-in to the aircraft door – is fast becoming a reality. The emergence of ‘single token travel’ is probably the most exciting development for passengers hoping to fast-track through the airport.

SITA Smart Path uses biometrics as the single identification token at every step in the passenger journey. It is easily integrated into existing airport infrastructure and airline systems. This includes standard common-use, self-service equipment already in use across the industry such as check-in kiosks, bag drop units, gates for secure access, boarding and automated border control, making rapid deployment easy and cost-effective. 

Smart Path also integrates with government systems and databases, allowing integrated immigration and border checks. Designed to be modular, it allows airports to implement whole journey identity management into the passenger self service.

SITA Smart Path™

How it helps

Smart Path technology captures a passenger’s biometric details through a facial scan at the first touch point in the journey. Once checked against the passenger’s travel documents, a secure single token is created. Then, at every step in the journey – whether it is during self bag drop, at border control or aircraft boarding – facial scanning removes the need to show a passport or boarding card.

It’s easy to see why airports and airlines might embrace it so enthusiastically. It will improve security oversight, speed-up passenger processing and reduce the resources needed to manage the travel journey. This enhances the passengers’ experience who will then be more inclined to enjoy the airport amenities.

Smart Path includes:

  • CUSS kiosks with fast, secure biometric enrollment/registration capabilities
  • Self bag drop units, retro-fit or new-fit
  • Single or double door gates for self-boarding, access control to secure areas and automated border control
  • A single platform capable of an integrated approach to common-use terminal equipment (CUTE), common-use passenger processing systems (CUPPS) and common-use self-service (CUSS) kiosks,  bag drop and gates
  • Background identity management system that captures passenger travel and identity data and links it to their biometric

And is complemented by:

  • Day of Operations BI - a cloud-based business intelligence portal to view critical data, monitor, measure, and predict daily operational flow challenges and more
  • Airport Management - a suite of integrated software applications that enable control of all airport operations from a central point, making common situational awareness easy

Why us?

The key to single token travel is gathering and verifying data as early in the process as possible in order to establish a robust token. This includes both biometric and biographic information.  Then, if necessary, the token is updated with more detailed information from airline, airport or government systems at various steps in the journey.

While some companies have a good track record providing e-gates, border control kiosks or individual passenger self-service solutions, they do not have experience providing complex border management solutions that include advanced risk assessment of travelers using data from multiple carriers. Everyday hundreds of airlines use SITA technology to connect with Government identity management and risk assessment systems in countries around the world. 

Only SITA can demonstrate the experience, global reach and the ability to integrate in a common-use environment multiple airline systems and government systems.

Did you know?

93% of airports have either a major program or R&D planned for self-service processes over the next three years. (Source: SITA 2016 Air Transport Industry Insights report – The Future Is Connected)

73% of airports rate passenger processing as a high priority for IT investment. The equivalent figure for the previous year was 59%, indicating the pressure of handling the soaring growth in passenger numbers is starting to mount. (Source: SITA Airport IT Trends Survey 2015).



SITA Smart Path™ – simple, fast, secure

SITA Smart Path delivers streamlined self-service passenger processing with security assurance. It reduces stress for passengers as the process is fast, simple and eliminates redundant travel document checks.
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Stephen Challis, Senior Product Manager at SITA, explores what is driving the adoption of single token travel.
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