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Great travel experiences start with SITA Smart Path. It’s the ATI’s most comprehensive whole-journey identity management solution where your face is your boarding pass. At airports worldwide, SITA provides self-service and agent-assisted passenger processing solutions at every step of the journey from check-in to boarding.

Passengers can easily validate their identity with just a quick scan of their face. They can then travel along the entire passenger journey without having to show their passport or boarding pass.

SITA Smart Path can also be combined with SITA Flex , our next generation mobile enabled common use technology to facilitate a low-touch environment for passengers. This enables airports and airlines to build their own passenger applications, so passengers can move through the airport without a requirement to touch any physical device. 

Using digital biometric ID management technology,  it’s easily integrated into your existing common use airport infrastructure and airline systems – providing a seamless, secure and cost-effective customer experience.

SITA Smart Path can be integrated with:

  • Industry-standard common use systems
  • CUSS check-in kiosks & CUTE check-in desks
  • Bag drop units
  • Gates for secure access
  • Boarding
  • Automated border control

You’ll be able to quickly facilitate faster passenger throughput and reduce queues at security and passport checkpoints.

SITA Smart Path

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SITA Smart Path transforms the passenger experience at Beijing Capital International Airport (BCIA)

Learn how biometrics and contactless technologies allow passengers to glide through the airport in an entirely touchless experience. 

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How it helps

SITA Smart Path helps enable a low-touch airport experience, improve security oversight, speed up passenger processing and reduce resources needed to manage the passenger journey. This enhances the passenger experience by providing them with more choice and control of their journey.

How it works:

  • Using biometric facial recognition technology, it scans and captures a passenger’s biometric details to verify their identity at the first touchpoint or alternatively on the traveler’s mobile
  • Once checked against the passenger’s travel documents, a secure digital travel ID is created
  • This ID can then be used at every touchpoint, whether that’s self bag drop, border control or aircraft boarding. There’s no need to show a passport or boarding pass.


SITA Smart Path includes:

  • CUSS check-in kiosks, CUTE check-in desks or a mobile app solution with fast, secure biometric enrollment/registration capabilities
  • Self bag drop units, retrofit or new-fit
  • Single or double door gates for self-boarding, access control to secure areas and automated border control
  • A single platform capable of an integrated approach to:
    • Common use terminal equipment (CUTE)
    • Common use passenger processing systems (CUPPS)
    • Common use self-service (CUSS) kiosks
    • Bag drop
  • A background identity management system that captures passenger data and links it to their biometric identity

SITA Smart Path is complemented by:

  • Consultancy services available for support with ROI calculations and solution design
  • Advanced identity management services, including interactive advanced passenger processing
  • A cloud-based business intelligence portal to view critical data, monitor, measure and predict daily operational flow challenges and more
  • A suite of integrated software applications enabling control of all airport operations from a central point, making common situational awareness easy

Did you know?

88% of airports expect to invest in ID management solutions for self check-in by 2022 (Source: 2019 Air Transport IT Insights, SITA)


44%of passengers had their identity verified automatically in 2018, up from 21% in 2017. (Source: 2019 Passenger IT Insights, SITA)

Why us?

SITA is the world’s leading air transport and communications specialist. No other supplier has our global reach or our years of experience, and our products and services are second to none.

SITA Smart Path is quick and simple to integrate into existing airline systems. It brings a new level of security to airlines, airports and governments by reducing queues and providing simple, fast self-service identity verification. The automated boarding process and pre-processing systems help facilitate interactions with travelers during the passenger journey while minimizing security risks.

It provides a comprehensive whole-journey self-service travel experience, seamlessly integrating with existing infrastructure. This reduces operational costs and helps deliver faster passenger throughput.

SITA combines global reach with capability and industry expertise in airports, airlines, governments and biometrics. This creates a secure, collaborative platform that ensures real-time intelligence and greater accuracy of passenger data. All this facilitates the quick transfer of legitimate passengers across borders.



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SITA Smart Path

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