The collection and processing of advance passenger information (API) and passenger name record (PNR) data is an essential component to helping protect your national borders from terrorism and other threats, including health pandemics.

SITA API PNR Gateway provides you with a single window data gateway for all traveler information. This covers all passengers and crew wishing to enter, leave or transit through your country. It simplifies and streamlines the process of receiving information, improving the quality of your data and making it much easier to analyze.


  • Creates a single window for all traveler data incorporating multiple data types (PNR, API and DCS, with the option for iAPI by combining with the SITA Advance Passenger Processing service)
  • Connects governments with carriers around the world. Today, there are over 600 airline carriers connected to the gateway, enabling a fast implementation and certification
  • Creates a single interface for carriers to use to fulfill all their government data obligations, insulated from different government requirements and challenges with changes to their own systems
  • Standardizes and consolidates data feeds in the required format to create richer traveler information allowing improved and more accurate traveler analysis
  • Sends data from carriers at preferred drop timings (for example, PNR at 72, 48, 24 and 0 hours before take-off) as required
  • Supports multiple IATA standard message formats
  • Parses and validates data processed, helping carriers to submit good quality data, and allowing you to ensure the quality of the data received
  • Interactively visualizes the quality of data submitted
  • Enables compliance with UN Security Council resolutions 2178 and 2396 on the sending and collection of advance passenger information and PNR data.

How it helps

SITA API PNR Gateway is key to delivering information driven border management improving the quality of intelligence outcomes.

SITA API PNR Gateway data stream includes:

  • Data submission or receiving – of PNR, API and DCS data between governments and carriers
  • Compliance reporting – validating the submitted data, covering timeliness and the completeness and correctness of the data in line with your legislative requirements
  • Data Quality User Interface – allowing you to visualize the quality of the data submitted against timeliness, completeness, correctness and semantics of the messages transferred 
  • Government Portal – allowing you to visualize all messages (PNR, API and DCS) submitted from carriers operating to and/or from your country

Why us?

SITA was established over 70 years ago as the communications network for the aviation industry. Our network is connected to almost every airline and we are therefore uniquely able to connect carriers with governments around the world. Today the SITA API PNR Gateway has over 600 airlines connected, processing 2.2 billion traveler journeys each year.

SITA API PNR Gateway is integrated with our other border management products to provide you with a complete end-to-end border management capability.

This brings together:

SITA has provided governments with travel information and border management solutions for more than 20 years.

This integrated approach to border management is unique to the SITA Border Management product suite.


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