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Ground handlers are under pressure to reduce costs and to shorten flight turnaround. SITA can help. We offer solutions that exploit the latest technologies for passenger services, aircraft loading and dispatch, and mobility for management of staff schedules, duties and resources. Our solutions increase staff productivity, automate processes and improve passenger handling for ground handlers worldwide.

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AirportCentral AirportResource Manager

Real-time planning and tracking of irregular operations, aeronautical billing, and reporting.
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Maestro®DCS Local

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Increase the efficiency of check-in and boarding, accurately monitor passenger status and provide agents with information on the overall boarding progress.
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Decrease training costs and increases staff flexibility, generating a more consistent roster coverage - which leads to greater customer satisfaction.
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SITA BagJourney is a fully managed end-to-end baggage tracking platform, using existing networks. It is a ready-to-go, cost effective solution for complying with IATA Res 753.
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