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Ground handlers are under pressure to reduce costs and to shorten flight turnaround. SITA can help. We offer solutions that exploit the latest technologies for passenger services, aircraft loading and dispatch, and mobility for management of staff schedules, duties and resources. Our solutions increase staff productivity, automate processes and improve passenger handling for ground handlers worldwide.

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Never a better time to explore biometrics

The ability for traveler identity verification to be done with biometrics is a great leap forward for self-service security and border management. 

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Kiosk advances

With more than 12,000 installed worldwide, kiosks now offer everything from check-in to border control to autonomous robotics.
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SITA BagDrop – A great start to every journey

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Checking in baggage can be stressful for passengers. A bad first impression can set the tone for the whole airport experience. The good news is that with the right bag drop solution, every journey can get off to a great start. Find out more about SITA BagDrop.

SITA Smart Path ™

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SITA is leveraging the identity management capabilities and applying them to the whole passenger journey.
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