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  • Does data quality hold the key?This report looks at the different data governments are able to access from carriers and the ways in which data quality can be affected along with solutions to mitigate against it.

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  • In the face of growing threats, it is vital that government agencies have the very best information and intelligence as early as possible to tackle the challenges of border security. Pre-travel authorization allows border authorities to process travelers in advance of travel and prevent unauthorized persons from making their journey in the first place.

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SITA helps governments worldwide keep their borders secure. We provide a complete set of capabilities to modernize border security. With SITA’s solutions, government agencies have the right information at the right time in the right place to make informed decisions. Our automated border solution optimizes the processing of travelers without compromising security.

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iBorders® Border Management

iBorders® Border Management provides governments with a complete set of capabilities - through information, intelligence, optimized interactions with travelers, and comprehensive insights - to enhance every aspect of border operations.

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iBorders GovernmentLink

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How can governments securely link these systems without compromising the integrity or privacy of the underlying data?
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iBorders BorderOperations

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Build a comprehensive view of your border management operations, use resources effectively and know precisely who and what is crossing the border at any given time.
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iBorders BorderPerformance

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Optimizing available resources and measuring outcomes
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