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  • Our datalink-capable ATM tools enable air traffic control to efficiently manage aircraft and automate routine tasks. It also frees up VHF channels for tactical communication.

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SITAONAIR’s air traffic management portfolio is the solution of choice for more than sixty of the world’s air navigation service providers (ANSPs). Our datalink and ATM services cover both the airport tower and en-route environments – boosting capacity while ensuring safety, visualizing aircraft positions, even over remote and oceanic airspace.


Helping to increase operational efficiency and build airspace capacity


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ATS AIRCOM En-route Systems

SITA's ATS AIRCOM En-route Systems helps maintain and enhance air navigation safety and efficiency during all flight phases.
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Air Traffic Management

SITA's Air Traffic Management (ATM) helps the air transport industry (ATI) make sure that aircraft are safely guided in the skies as well as on the ground. Learn more by watching this engaging video. 
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ATS AIRCOM Tower Systems

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SITA's ATS AIRCOM Tower Systems are turnkey systems that enable ANSPs to provide d-ATIS and/or d-VOLMET, and/or departure clearance (DCL) solutions.
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The use of datalink contributes towards maintaining and enhancing air navigation services safety and efficiency during all flight phases. SITA's ATS AIRCOM FANS-1/A service enables ANSPs that provide FANS-1/A service(s) to communicate with participating aircraft.
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