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SITA's air traffic management portfolio is the solution of choice for more than ninety of the world’s air navigation service providers (ANSPs). Our SITA FOR AIRCRAFT portfolio of solutions and services represent a digital shift towards improved airspace safety and efficiency. Its range of new generation aircraft communications and air traffic control (ATC) datalink services support sustainable and safer air travel.

Our SITA FOR AIRCRAFT portfolio of solutions and services supports ANSP professionals and aircraft operators in the connected aircraft ecosystem by:

  • Working with ANSPs to establish new ATC networks, services, tower and en route systems, responding to the growing demand for air travel
  • Upgrading ATC networks in locations around the world to increase datalink messaging capacity which supports more effective and efficient air traffic management
  • Working with stakeholders and communications partners to explore and advance new, complementary channels and communications to develop a robust and high-capacity, multilink ecosystem
  • Consulting ANSP professionals and other ATM specialists to advise on the best-fit ATC solution for a particular location


ATC Network

SITA FOR AIRCRAFT provides the complete air/ground VHF infrastructure for aircraft communications, ready to be owned and operated by ANSPs.

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ATC Systems

Our ATC systems for airport control towers and area control centers enable ANSPs to exchange and manage ATC datalink messages with aircraft pilots.

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ATC Services

SITA FOR AIRCRAFT’s managed services allow ANSPs to communicate between their Air Traffic Management systems and participating aircraft using digital services.

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