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SITA’s SATS SATVOICE is seamless, high-quality voice connectivity tailored for air traffic management, liberating fleets and air traffic controllers from dependence on HF coverage. Utilizing Inmarsat and Iridium satellite networks, our service seamlessly integrates with any standard voice communication system, offering universal compatibility and reliability, even in the most remote or oceanic regions. 

Enhancing operational efficiency and safety

Enhancing operational efficiency and safety

Our proprietary Enhanced Ground-to-Air Voice Platform orchestrates satellite voice calls with utmost security and redundancy, effortlessly integrated within ANSP’s Voice Communication Systems. By automating call setup procedures, our voice communication service significantly reduces controller workload, ensuring smooth and efficient ground-to-air voice communications. The comprehensive logs provided by SITA ATS SATVOICE enable ANSPs to evaluate and monitor Direct Controller-Pilot Communication performance, enhancing operational efficiency and safety in challenging airspace environments. 

With an emphasis on security and efficiency, the service offers one-stage dialing, bypassing the need for secondary authentication processes. Utilizing SITA’s ground-to-air voice system, calls are routed directly through a private IP network, ensuring swift communication links between controllers and aircraft. Our voice-over-IP (VoIP) technology enables rapid call setup, backed by our robust data networks with built-in redundancy, guaranteeing unparalleled availability and continuity. 

The best voice communication

At SITA, we take pride in developing, operating, and maintaining our ground-to-air-voice platform to the highest standards, ensuring optimal quality of service and the capacity to deliver additional value-added features. With continuous service monitoring and round-the-clock, multilingual support, we proactively manage issues to ensure seamless operations. As a member of the ICAO Communication Panel, SITA actively contributes to industry developments, ensuring our ATS SATVOICE solution remains at the forefront of industry requirements and standards. 

  • Clear and quick Communication 
  • Global coverage 
  • Reduction of separation in remote airspace 
  • Seamless management and integration 
  • Performance monitoring 

Supported by SITA Global Customer Service & Operations

Backed by SITA Global Customer Service & Operations (CS&O), ATS SATVOICE benefits from a flexible service model ensuring global business continuity. Our expert monitoring services guarantee the reliability and availability of your IT systems, providing proactive support to resolve issues before they impact operations. With SITA, you can unlock significant cost savings and efficiencies while enhancing air traffic control procedures with our comprehensive aircraft communication solutions designed and supported by industry experts. 

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