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Welcome to the SITA Korea IT Summit 2024 – an exclusive aviation industry gathering!

Join us from March 27 to 28 at the breathtaking Shinhwa World Resort, Jeju Island for two days of unparalleled collaboration, innovation, and industry insight. As a senior leader in the aviation sector, this is your invitation to an event crafted for decision-makers and influencers from airports, airlines, and industry bodies in Korea.


What to Expect:

Inspiring Keynote Speeches: Gain valuable insights from pioneers in the aviation industry who are shaping the future of air travel.

Networking Sessions: Connect with like-minded professionals, exchange ideas, and explore potential collaborations in a conducive atmosphere.


Event Highlights:

  • Explore streamlined baggage management practices for an enhanced passenger experience.
  • Uncover strategies for the future of airport connectivity, addressing challenges in high-congested airports and ports.
  • Explore smart passenger processing for passengers and operations, focusing on cutting-edge technological advancements.
  • Delve into Total Airport Management, optimizing operational efficiency for enhanced performance.
  • Explore innovations in exporting check-in and baggage handling processes.
  • And many more!


Why Attend?

This closed-door event ensures an exclusive and focused environment for high-level professionals. 



Thank you for your interest in our event.

Registrations are now closed. We appreciate the overwhelming response and look forward to hosting those who have successfully registered.

Stay tuned for updates on future events and opportunities to engage with us.

For any inquiries, please feel free to contact us.





Day One   Wednesday, 27th March







Sophie Kim, Country Manager, Korea, SITA



Opening Address

Wayne Love, VP, Sales & Account Management, APAC, SITA



Trends and Challenges Reshaping the Industry (30')

Sanjeev K., Vice President, SITA at Airports, Borders and C&DE Business, APAC

A look at latest trends and how things have evolved to meet new challenges being faced by the industry and its rapid recovery. We share key findings of SITA’s updated “Meet the Megatrends” report, highlighting the industry’s rapidly changing innovation landscape. The report examines 12 emerging technological, societal, traveler, and economic trends that will significantly morph the travel landscape by 2033.



IATA One ID – Shaping the passenger experience (30')

Anna Park, Industry Affairs Manager, IATA

Exploring the new airline industry trend with statistics and One ID’s vision about how the passenger journey would look like using biometric and digital identity technology providing the proof of concept disclosed and sharing IATA’s engagement in the transition of Ine ID from an aspirational concept to reality. 



Break / Solution Experience (30')



Digital Immigration

JeeSung Park, Ministry of Justice



Intermodal Transportation: Unlocking Seamless Mobility in the Modern Era (20')

Maxime David, Senior Manager, Business Development, SITA

As travel evolves, so do the expectations of travelers. In the near future, we anticipate the rise of seamless intermodal travel, transforming the way we move from point A to point B. This presentation explores the emerging trend of intermodal travel and the challenges it presents. We focus on smart, innovative solutions that address these challenges head-on. SITA, at the forefront of this evolution, fosters collaboration to create more connected, seamless, automated, and informed passenger journeys. Join us to shape the future of intermodal travel.



Welcome Reception & Dinner


Day Two   Thursday, 28th March






Transforming the passenger experience at the airport and beyond- Digitalization Journey (30')

Andy Smith, Director, Government & Industry Relations, SITA

Embarking on a journey of innovation, our discussion on "Transforming the Passenger Experience at the Airport and Beyond" will delve into pioneering initiatives revolutionizing every facet of the traveler's journey. We will explore the integration of Mobile Biometric (DTC) solutions, token-digital travel solutions, and a comprehensive roadmap designed to elevate the passenger experience.



Generative AI in Our Industry; Opportunities & Risks (30')

Derek Quek, Technology Evangelist, SITA

We explore the possibilities of the large language models and how they can be leveraged in the air transport industry.



Driving Operational Efficiency and Sustainability (30')

Katrina Korzenowski, Vice President, APAC & MEA, SITA for Aircraft

We look at the evolution of aircraft communications, and how applications on the ground and in the cockpit are helping to drive operational efficiency and a more sustainable flying future.






C&DE: Modernizing Networks and Digitizing the Contact Center (45')

Adrian Leong, Business Development Senior Manager, SITA APAC

Exploring Cutting-Edge Applications in Wireless Technology, Security, and AI Integration Across Multiple Communication Channels.



Incheon International Airport Corporation (30')

Soon-il Hwang, Deputy Director

Explore how our groundbreaking strategies revolutionize airport operations through the use of technology.



Lunch Break



Rebuilding passenger confidence: digitalization is the key (30')

Nicole Hogg, Director, Product Management, Baggage at Airports

The industry recognizes that restoring passengers’ confidence to check in their baggage is a top priority. Digitalization has proven a tried-and-true lever to achieve this while boosting operational efficiency and customer satisfaction. Wide implementation of technologies for the automated tracking and repatriation of baggage contributed to a 70% drop in the mishandling rate from 2007 to 2019. 

Airlines and airports have already been investing in IT solutions that deliver greater automation and self-service to tackle the current challenges, I will discuss the latest technologies been used in the industry to reduce baggage mishandling, improve operational efficiencies, and improve passenger satisfaction.


Track 1: Airports


Total Airport Management: Maximize Operational Potential (45')

Yudhy Wijaya, Solution Engineer, Senior Manager, APAC Business & Solutions, SITA APAC

We look at new paradigms and approaches that can allow airports reach their true potential in efficiency and capacity. Multi airport management, capacity management.



Next generation passenger processing (45')

Sanjeev K., Vice President, SITA at Airports, Borders, and C&DE Business, APAC

This presentation explores the intersection of Low-Cost Carriers (LCC), regional airports, and the quest for operational efficiency in the aviation industry. Through a comprehensive overview of Flex as a Service, Hybrid, Essential, FlexPayment, and FlexIntegration Models, the presentation showcases a holistic approach to airport solutions. By leveraging insights from the 2023 Passenger IT Insights, key findings are integrated into the presentation, highlighting advancements in passenger processing. Furthermore, the discussion extends beyond individual case studies to illustrate how global airports and airlines, such as EasyJet and various regional hubs in Europe, Australia, and Japan, have embraced the Flex solution to transition towards smart airport operations. This presentation offers a compelling vision for the future of airport management and underscores the transformative potential of the Flex as a Service solution in driving efficiency and innovation across the aviation landscape.



Break - Demo/Solution Experience (30')




Supporting Sustainability & Collaboration (120')

Andrew Wines, Business Development Senior Manager, SFA Commercial & Chin Pin Ng, Business Development Senior Manager, SFA Commercial





Sumesh Patel, President Asia Pacific, SITA




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