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Tracking bags to your doorstep

On those rare occasions when bags do go missing – whether it is due to weather or a missed connection – it is vital that airlines are able to recover and deliver the bag to its owner as soon as possible.

WorldTracer®, developed in cooperation with IATA, has for many years helped reduce baggage repatriation costs by matching mishandled baggage faster and at a lower cost.

SITA Lab have now taken the proven WorldTracer technology a step further, extending it to track home delivery. Working together with an airline and their courier company, SITA trialed the new solution which allowed the airline to hand over mishandled bags to couriers yet seamlessly track and confirm the delivery of those bags. 

With all this tracking data available at their fingertips, delivery is quicker and more reliable while passengers can be given an exact location of their bag every step of the way.

The courier company also benefits. Through the SITA WorldTracer Baggage Delivery Service application they can see the number of bags to be delivered, the destination and the expected delivery time.

At the same time, they can track their drivers in real-time on a map, making assigning bags extremely efficient. This allows the courier company to better manage their fleet and drivers, ensuring that they have the resources in place to support a reliable service and meet the requirements of the airline.

WorldTracer is part of SITA's Baggage Management solution. 

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