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Our apps and services digitalize aircraft operations on the ground and in the air through effective and seamless communication across platforms. Smart technology and collaboration improve on-time performance, turnaround, safety and sustainability while reducing costs, for example for fuel.

pilots actively use SITA eWAS and OptiFlight
40,000+ pilots actively use SITA eWAS and OptiFlight
tons of fuel saved annually
80,000+ tons of fuel saved annually
tons of CO₂ reduced annually
250,000+ tons of CO₂ reduced annually


SITA Flight Folder

Fully digital flight briefing and informed decision-making for pilots and dispatchers.

  • API available
  • Airlines
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Predict the weather with everything you need, at a glance.

  • Airlines
  • Weather aviation resilience
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SITA Mission Watch

Our new-generation cloud-based flight tracking system gives dispatchers access to the best aviation weather data.

  • Airlines
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SITA Mission Control

Empowers seamless real-time cross-functional cooperation, taking air-ground collaboration to the next level and improving efficiency.

  • Airlines
  • Collaboration
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SITA OptiFlight®

Predict, achieve and report ​inflight fuel savings for all phases of a flight​.

  • Sustainable Aviation
  • Airlines
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ATC Systems

Our ATC Systems for airport control towers and area control centers enable ANSPs to exchange and manage digital messages with aircraft pilots.

  • ANSPs
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Being a responsible business makes us a better business

We believe that sustainability and corporate social responsibility can make a positive difference for our people, our industry, broader society, and the environment.

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Being a responsible business makes us a better business

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