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Boarding with just your picture

SITA, together with JetBlue and the US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) have tested a new paperless and deviceless self-boarding process as part of ongoing trials to implement a biometric exit process in the future.

JetBlue will be the first airline to integrate with CBP to use biometrics and facial recognition technology to verify customers at the gate during boarding.

Customers who opt in during the boarding process can put away their boarding passes and devices and simply step up to the camera for a quick photo. The custom-designed camera station will connect to CBP to instantly match the image to passport, visa or immigration photos in the CBP database and verify flight details. The customer will be notified on an integrated screen above the camera when they are cleared to proceed to board.

This biometric self-boarding program is designed to be easy to use. What we want to deliver is a secure and seamless passenger experience. We use technology to enable biometric checks and for CBP authorization to be sent quickly to the airline’s systems. This is the first integration of biometric authorization by the CBP with an airline and may prove to be a solution that will be quick and easy to roll out across all US airports.

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