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The SITA Council, with its membership representing over 90% of the world's airline businesses, is just about the most representative body there is for air transport.

Along with the SITA Board and SITA Members, the SITA Council uses its know-how and experience to tackle industry requirements and address future trends

SITA Members (through the SITA Council airline geographical group representatives) also play a pivotal role in SITA's governance and influence strategies, participating in SITA managed forums, committees and conferences. 

It is therefore hardly surprising that SITA, supported by the SITA Council, SITA Board and SITA Members, is playing an ever-expanding role in the air transport community - going well beyond that of any other information and communications technology (ICT) provider.

The SITA Board

14 Board Directors, including SITA's CEO, make up the current SITA Board.

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The SITA Council

As a member-representative body, the SITA Council plays a significant part in the overall governance of SITA.

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SITA Shareholder Relations

SITA Shareholder Relations is the body responsible for observing and executing statutory governance functions and requirements.

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