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SITA Shareholder Relations is responsible for observing and executing statutory governance functions and requirements in connection with SITA's members and shareholders, Council, Board, and committees. It organizes the statutory meetings for these, manages the shareholder registry, and all membership matters.

Current Director

Current Director

Philippa Waterman

Director, SITA Shareholder Relations

Philippa Waterman, based in Geneva, Switzerland, is the Director of SITA Shareholder Relations.  Her key responsibility is to ensure SITA’s corporate governance framework is properly designed, implemented and maintained for the benefit of SITA’s key stakeholders, being the 400+ Member-Shareholders of SITA SC, the Board of Directors and the Representatives on the Council.  With over 20 years of experience at SITA, Philippa is a trusted advisor to the Board Chair and Council President and collaborates closely with the CEO and Executive Team.