Optimize your flight operations, from take-off to landing and beyond



Building on user-friendly, flight-specific actionable information for all duty personnel



Easily adjusting the plan based on the most up-to-date information




Leveraging flight data to learn and report on each flight​

The route to optimum efficiency

Airline duty personnel can clearly operate flights more efficiently when they’re able to make informed decisions.

From flight plans, to in-flight information, to aircraft flight data, the opportunities for leveraging data are vast. But how can this wealth of information be translated into action?

By combining data with Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and tools to streamline collaboration, flight operations teams can work smarter today and make significant improvements to airline operations.

Achieve systematic fuel savings

Using customized climb speeds and acceleration flight level allows you to achieve up to 5%  fuel savings during the climb-out. 

Not only does SITA OptiClimb® provides the best fuel saving scenarios, it seamlessly delivers related recommendations to a pilot's existing Electronic Flight Bag which will empower your pilots to fly more sustainably. 

Take the smarter trajectory to lower costs and emissions with SITA OptiClimb.

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Avoid unnecessary weather delays

Anticipating severe weather conditions allows you to plan new routes in advance and minimize last-minute delays. Reduce aircraft on ground (AOG) time by up to 60% and allow your fleet to spend more time flying than dealing with disruptions.

Not only does SITA eWAS improve safety, it also helps you to be more fuel-efficient, reducing costs and your carbon footprint. 

Predict the weather with everything you need, at a glance with SITA eWAS.

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Minimize the cost of weather events

Make flight operations even safer and more efficient, while reducing fuel usage and CO2 emissions.

Next generation flight tracking tool SITA Mission Watch combines best-in-class weather visualization with automatic tracking, so issues can be anticipated and costly incidents avoided. 

Create safer, more efficient flight operations with SITA Mission Watch.

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Collaborate in real-time to smooth your way

Enable your fleet to consistently meet turnaround times by fostering open collaboration from the apron to the Operational Control Centre.

SITA Mission Control unites Day of Operations duty personnel around the world. By collaborating securely in real-time, you can maximize efficiency and minimize the stress and cost of any disruption. 

Enjoy real-time, collaborative airline operations, in one place with SITA Mission Control.

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Improve the efficiency of your operations, today

Improve the efficiency of your operations, today

Huge savings and efficiencies are already within reach. From cutting fuel costs and carbon emissions, to avoiding costly weather events, to improving turnaround time, SITA helps you realize the value of data, using technology and teamwork to optimize each flight. 

Now you know, what will you do?

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