SITA Flex is the next generation of mobile-enabled common-use technology that facilitates contactless passenger processing, improved operational efficiency and a seamless, enhanced travel experience for passengers. It does all of this while maintaining full legacy compatibility and support of a staged rollout of cloud-based mobile services that can still take advantage of existing shared physical devices.

The platform enables airports and airlines to build their own native applications and seamlessly transition to mobile passenger service applications that leverage passengers’ devices for interaction with all key touchpoints within the airport. For example, passengers can move through the airport without physically touching bag drops, kiosks and gates via native applications powered by SITA Flex. 

SITA Flex combined with SITA Smart Path, our biometric add-on to self-service solutions, enables a low-touch environment for passengers. Off-airport check-in and passenger management of peripherals can be located anywhere.  Such low-touch capabilities can also be combined with SITA at Borders capabilities to help governments re-open borders. New products, like WorldTracer™ Self Service, enable even more low-touch and no-touch options.

Here’s how it works:

Similarly, mobile-enabled staff can use smart devices powered by SITA Flex to work wherever and however their need demands, while still taking advantage of shared devices - increasing agility for normal as well as disrupted at-airport operations.


traditional SITA common-use sites are SITA Flex ready

How it helps

SITA Flex has been designed to respond to the needs of airports and airlines of all sizes. It is aimed at airports and airlines who plan to use cloud technologies to scale their operations up or down and those looking at a digital transformation to improve the passenger experience while reducing costs. It facilitates both cloud and on-premise hybrid operation, for traditional common-use (460+ airports) and new applications, allowing you to decide your own pace of change.

SITA Flex, therefore, simplifies the challenge of going ‘fully mobile’ across your entire route network, for both passenger and workforce applications. This flexibility, combined with support for shared peripherals, provides an agile and cost-effective platform for innovating future at-airport services.

Why us?

Built on our next-generation common-use platform, SITA Flex addresses the needs of the entire traveler journey and enables seamless, secure and cost-effective customer experiences, especially when combined with SITA Smart Path, our biometric-enabled self-service passenger touchpoints.

SITA Flex facilitates cloud and on-premise hybrid operation, for legacy (460+ airports) and new applications, allowing customers to decide their own pace of change. Specifically, it can adapt to our customers’ needs quickly and on-demand, offering scalable capacity, reduction of complexity and easy deployment. Hardware agnostic, Flex enabled airline applications no longer need common use certification, further simplifying rollout and reducing costs.

SITA Flex has been successfully rolled out at San Francisco International Airport, where passengers can operate check-in kiosks using their own mobile devices without the need to touch screens on the airport’s hardware. Passengers can also pick up receipts for checked luggage. The next step is for airlines to modify their own applications to enable this capability for their customers.

Only SITA can deliver an end-to-end integrated solution across the airport using next-generation cloud-based technologies that future proofs at-airport services.


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The next-generation of common-use technology that facilitates a low-touch, fully mobile passenger experience

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SITA Flex goes beyond traditional common-use. It is the next-generation of common-use that facilitates a low-touch, fully mobile passenger experience through a unique offering and pioneering cloud technology.
Use cases

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