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Whether you’re working at your corporate HQ, at an international hub airport or the remotest destination on your network – one that may only be open for a few weeks each year – you can't function properly if you’re not connected to the applications, services and people you need.

Only SITA Connect can offer airlines, airports, and other air transport industry players the secure, reliable, and flexible network connectivity they require to deliver ever-improving passenger experiences on a global scale.

  • Increased security & reduced congestion for remote offices
  • Fast setup for new destinations & capacity adjustments
  • Access to the largest IP network coverage in the air transport industry, whatever your destinations

SITA Connect can give you on-demand connectivity at every destination. Through SITA’s extensive infrastructure at the world’s leading airports, your users can access the people, applications, and systems they need.

We’re also transforming our portfolio with software-defined networking (SDN) to bring you next-generation network services. This ensures you will continue to benefit from agility, flexibility, cost-efficiency, and application focus. 

Global footprint in over 

220countries and territories.



We cover 80%of airline’s destinations.

How it helps

SITA Connect runs on our airport-wide, shared platform called AirportHub™, which brings simple connectivity to your airport. Cost-effective, secure, and reliable, AirportHub™ enables airlines to connect quickly to their applications and systems, wherever they’re hosted. Wherever you need connectivity, we’re ahead of you, ready to help your operations run more smoothly.

Today, our portfolio of network services enables you to connect to all your corporate applications and key systems, as well as to the Internet. What’s more, our services seamlessly integrate with your airport baggage, passenger, and back-office applications, no matter who provides them.

  • Access to exclusive SITA owned infrastructure deployed at airports around the world (AirportHub™)​
  • Access to the largest IP network in the world, covering all your destinations​
  • Access to SITA, to a partner or your applications in the cloud​
  • Internet browsing breaking locally or in the cloud
  • Seasonal connectivity options for some services​
  • One contract with simplified pricing and billing​
  • Rich feature set and levels of SLA​
  • Premium and light versions available for most services
  • SD-WAN offering (SITA Connect SDN)

AirportHub™ is already in place at almost 600airports worldwide, including 50 SD-WAN airports.

Why us?

SITA Connect is delivered on top of the largest IP network in the world, and our best-in-class airport infrastructure. Our global footprint covers over 220 countries and territories, through partnerships with Orange Business Services, CMC, PCCW, Etisalat, and Lime.  We are also present in over 550 Airports where we currently operate AirportHub™.

SITA offers a wide service portfolio including both MPLS and Internet-based services for the air transport industry (ATI). We also provide a wide variety of resiliency options and access methods, including mobile technology and full integration with the ATI cloud.

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There are many ways to implement SITA Connect. Let our experts help identify the right solution for you.

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SITA Global Services (SGS)

SITA Connect is supported by a dedicated multilingual operations team that provides monitoring and support 24/7/365 from command centers in Montreal and Singapore, ensuring global business continuity through a flexible service model. Our monitoring service ensures your IT systems are reliable and available, around the clock, around the world.

Our experts proactively monitor your infrastructure, identifying and resolving problems often before they impact your services.


SITA Connect

With such a complex picture emerging at airports, which types of challenges around connectivity does SITA Connect address?
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SITA Connect

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Are you looking for a single provider offering connectivity anywhere you operate whether at the airport, in your headquarter or in town locations? Delivered on top of the largest network in the world, SITA Connect addresses all your connectivity needs, anywhere.

World class connectivity for airlines

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Connect to the largest IP network in the world and offer passengers access to all the people, applications and systems they need.
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