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The air transport industry has begun to recover from the pandemic, with the gradual reopening of borders and passengers returning to the skies.

How has that affected baggage?

One of the most pressing demands during the recovery period is doing more with less. Airlines, ground handlers, and airports have downsized to maintain visibility during the pandemic, which has impacted resources and expertise dedicated to baggage management.

This year’s report explores the challenges brought on by COVID-19 and the innovative ways the industry is addressing them.

Download the 2022 Baggage IT Insights to discover:

  • The 2021 baggage mishandling rate, including an international versus domestic comparison.
  • How the industry is accelerating digitalization projects.
  • Why data is turning to data-driven and customer-centric innovations.
  • How Saudia adopts a collaborative approach to improve baggage performance.
  • Insights on baggage operations from relevant industry associations.