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Portfolio Director, Air Travel Solutions, SITA
Sean Farrell

Based in the Netherlands, Sean Farrell has over 25 years of experience at the forefront of innovation in the Air Transport Industry.  He is one of the leading global experts on how technology can be used to improve both passenger journeys and security at airports and on the borders.

He has held many roles at SITA. Until 2016 he was the global head responsible for SITA’s border management products. Sean now heads up SITA’s Self Service & Passenger Processing portfolio, where he is focused on bringing to life SITA’s vision for the seamless travel journey, enabled by mobile and biometric technology.  In this role he has global responsibility for SITA’s self-service products, which includes the kiosk, bag-drop and eGate products used by SITA’s over 400 airport customers as well as their many airline, government and security stakeholders.

Latest blog posts

The changing face of travel in a post-digital age

Published on  25 July 2019 03:00  by Sean Farrell

What will air travel look like in a society where most of the global population has grown up with digital technology?

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Taking steps now to realize the seamless passenger journey

Published on  14 February 2019 08:40  by Sean Farrell

The question is, how do you establish a global identity management system where passengers enroll once and then use that single, digital identity to travel the world?

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IATA OneID: building consensus in a multi-stakeholder collaboration

Published on  19 April 2018 05:13  by Sean Farrell

ID management, based on biometric facial recognition, has become a more viable and secure technology, but expanding its use requires the development of standards and industry best practices.

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Managing single token travel at the border

Published on  22 September 2016 08:49  by Sean Farrell

Sean Farrell, Head of Portfolio Management for SITA, believes that the fast, secure and seamless walkthrough experience of single token travel is within reach of passengers today. However, it depends on the full integration with  immigration and border checks.

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Securing the border in times of uncertainty

Published on  10 December 2015 08:00  by Sean Farrell

Vetting such large numbers of people without increasing resources or significantly harming the passenger experience is a huge challenge for border management agencies. Recent international terrorism events only increase the stakes.

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Kiosks mean less queuing, more doing

Published on  10 March 2015 10:00  by

Passengers have embraced check-in kiosks because they are fast and convenient, but best of all they save waiting in a long queue for the check-in agent, which means you get to join the long queue at immigration that much faster.

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Increasing border security with automation

Published on  09 January 2015 08:15  by

Why is automation proving so popular? Simply put, the technology is mature enough and radically improves border efficiency and throughput.

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