Portfolio Director, Government and Security Solution Line
Sean Farrell

Sean Farrell is Portfolio Director for the Government and Security Solution Line at SITA. In this position, he heads up the product strategy and development for SITA’s border management products.

Sean joined SITA in 1991 in Sydney, Australia.  He held various positions in IT delivery and consulting prior to transitioning to SITA’s North American business development team in 1996 and into SITA’s border management team in 2004. Prior to that he held various positions in IT delivery and consulting with Equant (now known as Orange Business Solutions), helping to provide integrated IT and telecoms solutions for business. 

Sean holds a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from the University of East Anglia, England. He is based in Boston.

Latest blog posts

IATA OneID: building consensus in a multi-stakeholder collaboration

Published on  19 April 2018 05:13  by Sean Farrell

ID management, based on biometric facial recognition, has become a more viable and secure technology, but expanding its use requires the development of standards and industry best practices.

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Managing single token travel at the border

Published on  22 September 2016 08:49  by Sean Farrell

Sean Farrell, Head of Portfolio Management for SITA, believes that the fast, secure and seamless walkthrough experience of single token travel is within reach of passengers today. However, it depends on the full integration with  immigration and border checks.

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Securing the border in times of uncertainty

Published on  10 December 2015 08:00  by Sean Farrell

Vetting such large numbers of people without increasing resources or significantly harming the passenger experience is a huge challenge for border management agencies. Recent international terrorism events only increase the stakes.

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Kiosks mean less queuing, more doing

Published on  10 March 2015 10:00  by Sean Farrell

Passengers have embraced check-in kiosks because they are fast and convenient, but best of all they save waiting in a long queue for the check-in agent, which means you get to join the long queue at immigration that much faster.

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Increasing border security with automation

Published on  09 January 2015 08:15  by Sean Farrell

Why is automation proving so popular? Simply put, the technology is mature enough and radically improves border efficiency and throughput.

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