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Research Expert, Market Insight, SITA
Christelle Laverriere

Christelle Laverriere is one of SITA’s  Market Insight researchers. In this role Christelle is directly responsible for managing, analyzing and publishing Air Transport IT trends for SITA’s key surveys, including the Baggage report, and the  Passenger and Air Transport IT Insights.

Christelle joined SITA in 2007 as a member of the Marketing Communications team.  She brings to the table more than 17 years of marketing expertise in the areas of telecoms, mobile and business intelligence technologies, passenger facilitation, passenger behaviors and  emotions sciences.

Christelle holds Master’s degrees in Economics from the University of Grenoble, France, and in Marketing Services from the EM Lyon Business School, France. She also completed a Bachelor of science in Psychology at Geneva University in 2017. She is based in Geneva.

Latest blog posts

Aviation IT investment prioritizes the passenger journey

Published on  21 November 2019 05:42  by Christelle Laverriere

The SITA Air Transport IT Insights report reveals a sharp focus on new technologies to accelerate processes, reduce queues and keep passengers better informed.

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Mobile technology: the answer to better baggage handling

Published on  28 March 2019 07:45  by Christelle Laverriere

This is a crucial focus for the air transport industry as passenger numbers grow.

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Tech-enabled passengers are happier

Published on  28 February 2019 07:15  by Christelle Laverriere

I’ll focus on passport and bag collection, and we’ll see if technology has an impact on these notorious pinch points?

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The four types of travelers – Which one are you?

Published on  20 October 2016 08:15  by

With more and more technologies being introduced, this year’s Passenger IT Trends Survey sought to understand passenger emotions when faced with new technologies, and analyze their behavior based on those emotions. Christelle Laverriere, Market Insight Research Expert for SITA, walks us through the four distinct passenger profiles identified by the results and reveals what type of traveler she is.

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