Lead Architect, Advanced Technology Office, SITA Lab
Barry McLaughlin

Barry McLaughlin is an engineer with the SITA Lab, SITA’s strategic research and development arm. Barry has more than 20 years’ experience in software development, spanning a range of environments from start-ups to multinational organizations.

He has 10 years background within the aviation industry and has been with the SITA Lab since 2015. Barry is currently focused on exploring the potential of blockchain/distributed ledger technologies.

Latest blog posts

Let's collaborate to explore blockchain: SITA's 'Aviation Blockchain Sandbox'

Published on  23 August 2018 10:00  by Barry McLaughlin

The challenge of setting up a multi-organization blockchain network is not trivial. Who sets it up? How do we interact with it? What governance needs to happen? Who maintains the network? How do we get started?

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