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With flights arriving and departing every few minutes, a real-time overview of resources is vital.

Viggo, the sole ground handler at Eindhoven Airport, has implemented SITA’s latest Airport Management System to manage one of Europe’s fastest-growing regional airports, ensuring timely aircraft turnaround times and a more efficient passenger journey.

With flights arriving and departing every few minutes, SITA’s AirportResource Manager allows Viggo to co-ordinate and monitor tasks of the more than 500 employees working across the airport. SITA’s technology also supports all airside ramp activities during the turnaround of low-cost carriers at Eindhoven.

Martijn Limburg, Managing Director of Viggo said: “SITA’s Airport Management System has brought new capabilities and efficiency to Viggo Eindhoven Airport by providing an integrated, real-time view of our operations in both the terminal and airside. It has helped us secure our on-time performance by improving the effective use of all our resources by setting uniform target times. This has contributed to a better customer journey while at the same time maintaining staff efficiency at the highest level.”

Starting from 2020, SITA’s technology is planned to support operations at Lelystad Airport, the Netherland’s newest regional airport, by offering a scalable management solution which supports Viggo’s multi-skilled resource model.

SITA and Viggo have worked together for many years with Viggo becoming the first licensed Airport Management System delivery consultant for other SITA customers. This means that SITA’s innovative solution can now be combined with Viggo’s operational knowledge and hands-on experience to ensure a successful implementation that provides customers real control and insight over their daily operations.

Sergio Colella, SITA President, Europe said: “For any airport and ground-handler to operate at their maximum efficiency, it is important to have a full picture of what is happening across their operation at all times. Our Airport Management System provides that big picture and it is gratifying to see our technology supporting one of the most efficient airports in Europe.”

Last year Viggo welcomed roughly 6.3 million passengers on almost 40,000 flights at Eindhoven Airport.