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Elevate Your Airline Flight Operations

Ready to make your airline flight operations more efficient than ever?

Discover our turn-key services delivered by the newest addition to our group, ASISTIM - where tech meets expertise to drive your success.


Introducing airline flight operations as a service

  • Struggling to keep up with the success of your airline growth?
  • Finding it difficult to grow your OCC expertise or recruit staff?
  • Overwhelmed with all the steps to launch a new airline?


Let’s simplify that!

This is a fully-fledged airline flight Operations Control Center (OCC) managed service that makes you feel like you’ve got an expert by your side, all day, every day. Improve your operational agility through outsourcing whole, or parts, of your flight operations to a professional team with the skills and resources to handle operations of any size and complexity.

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Why OCC as a service?

Why OCC as a service?

  • Flight Operations on Autopilot: Long-haul, short-haul. You name it. We plan it.
  • Crew in Place, Planes in the air: From capacity planning & finding the perfect number of crew to managing their travel. We handle the details, so you don't have to.
  • Tech that Talks Your Language: OCC data integration? Check. OCC application hosting? Double-check. We connect the dots.

Simplicity Meets Excellence

Think of us as your operations powerhouse, ready to tackle any challenge. We reduce pressure points on your operations so you can focus on what you do best - growing your airline.

Time is money—and we save you both

Time is money—and we save you both

  • Skilled personnel at your service: Our team isn’t just experienced—they’re experts in airline operations, ready to manage your operations from day one.
  • Rapid qualification and integration: We handle the complexities of compliance and operational readiness, including software data integration and automation, so your transition to our services is smooth and swift.
  • Time and cost-efficiency:Plug into our service, and watch as your operations become faster, leaner, and more cost-effective than ever.

How does it fit into your workflow?


  • We start with your existing setup, using your tech and operations as a base, to further improve.
  • We team up to create a shared operational model, clearly marking transition points.
  • We run your operations control center, providing ongoing support and updates, whether we take on full OCC activities or only a subset.
Flight Dispatch Academy

Flight Dispatch Academy

Certified by multiple authorities, including the German Civil Aviation Authority - leading the industry since 2008.

  • International standards: Academy programs meet and exceed international standards, making sure you're fully prepared for the demands of flight operations.
  • Refresher Courses: Stay up to date with the latest IOSA standards.
  • Integrated Flight Operations Center (IOCC) Training: Hands-on experience in operations control, flight planning, crew control, and more.
  • Competency-Based Training and Assessment (CBTA): Not just theory. Practical skills too. Meeting global standards (like ICAO’s latest Doc 10106).
  • Flight Dispatcher Licensing Program: Make sure you meet Civil Aviation requirements

Designed for leaders like you

Whether you’re a CEO, a COO, or a Flight Operations Director, our airline flight operations managed service is tailored to meet the challenges you face every day. Get ready to transform the way you work, with less stress and more success.

Don’t just take our word for it. Try it out yourself.

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