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Supplier guidelines

The majority of SITA's suppliers receive purchase orders (POs) via email (in PDF format). If you have any issues with this technology, please contact

In order to help you understand the layout and format of SITA's standard PO, please refer to the SITA supplier guidelines below. These guidelines describe SITA policies and POs. They are intended to ensure that your transactions are processed quickly and effectively and that SITA is able to pay you in a timely manner.

Arranging delivery

Please contact the buyer indicated on the PO if anything is unclear or if the goods or services cannot be supplied as required. By delivering the goods and/or services, you are accepting the purchase order and thus the price and terms and conditions referred to therein.

Purchase order invoice submission process

SITA is committed to pay suppliers on and not before agreed terms and conditions. This commitment is dependent on of all of us being disciplined and using our standard processes. To ensure timely vendor payments and the desired service level, the current SITA policy requires the following:

  1. The creation of a purchase order before incurring any expenditure
  2. That suppliers submit invoices directly to accounts payable, quoting the SITA PO reference
  3. A SITA authorized individual receipts the goods following delivery and receipts services on performance completion

Contracted services (PO exempt) invoice submission process

Where SITA procures certain contracted services, referred to as exempt category, the supplier is required to ensure the following:

  1. The execution of a valid contract approved by SITA legal between the respective parties
  2. That the supplier submits invoices directly to accounts payable quoting the contract reference and named SITA business contract owner
  3. A SITA cost center manager validates invoices submitted via SITA's central Global Finance Center in Prague

Invoices are not validated locally.

Paperless invoice delivery to Prague & Iron Mountain

To improve timely vendor payments, we have engaged Iron Mountain to manage paperless invoice delivery to our Global Finance Center in Prague.

Electronic invoice documentation is now retrieved and processed in our Global Finance Center reducing the processing time and providing more time to process and pay suppliers within contracted payment terms.

Suppliers are required to send their invoices directly to the Iron Mountain server. Soft copies of invoices sent to other mailboxes will be returned. You can view the list of email addresses on the supplier queries page.

Email addresses: An email has to be sent to the corresponding country generic mailbox named: invoices-country, e.g. or (full list of countries email address can be found on the supplier queries page)

Important details for e-mail invoice delivery

Legal reasons

Original invoices must be kept at our local office for statutory purposes and will be audited on a regular basis. In addition to the paper invoices received by regular mail, SITA suppliers are required to send invoice images directly to the generic country mailboxes in addition to the paper copy held at the local SITA office.

This speeds up supplier invoice processing and payments by the Prague Global Finance Center.

Email attachment format

There are a number of rules that must be followed when preparing and sending scanned invoices:

  1. All scans should be only in the ".pdf" or ".tiff" format  (Scans or attachments in ”.xls” or “.doc” formats will not be accepted).
  2. All scans should be in black and white (no color)
  3. The file name of each image needs to be unique. Each invoice should be scanned and sent separately
  4. The size of the email containing the scanned invoice should not exceed 10 MB
  5. There should not be any text, comments, questions or instructions within the email body by which the scan is sent – they will be ignored due to automatic processing

Please note, the emails received by the country mailboxes are automatically processed by a specific software and therefore cannot be used for regular email communication.

Payment policy

Payments are remitted to the Supplier bank account, the details of which must be pre-provided by the Supplier upon account

setup. Upon payment, SITA will issue remittance letters confirming payments to the email addresses provided by the Supplier.

Payments by AMEX

SITA has chosen American Express as our ‘virtual’ corporate payment card provider for:

  • Suppliers that provide conference, meetings and events accommodation and exhibitions services
  • One-time vendors (as defined within SITA Purchasing Policy)
  • PO exempt suppliers (for example utilities, mobiles, telephony, carrier/ISP’s etc.)

Where a supplier has confirmed they are able to accept AMEX for a specific purchase requirement, upon internal purchase approval, SITA shall provide the supplier with a dedicated transaction AMEX card account number. The transaction currency will be determined at the time of the card creation. All card transactions are set to the value limit of the transaction or set with a tolerance if the transactions are deemed to be variable by SITA. An expiry date will also be set for the card. For variable transactions, partial goods or services shipments can be made but they cannot exceed the total authorized amount.

Should you need any assistance please contact the


SITA Supplier Guidelines