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Created by the airline industry to revolutionize the aviation parts business

Spec 2000 is a comprehensive set of e-business specifications, products and services designed to overcome longstanding challenges to the industry's supply chain.

We are an active participant in the ongoing development of Spec 2000 and participate in a number of ATA e-business program working groups, including:

  • Digital Security Working Group to address the application of digital security technologies and standards to e-Business specifications (including Spec42)
  • e-Logbook Project Team (ELPT) dedicated to the creation and maintenance of an industry standard defining Electronic Logbook data exchange – this will include flight log (journey log) and maintenance log (airplane faults, maintenance actions, maintenance release, servicing) information
  • The Electronic Documentation Project Team (EDPT)* develops industry standards for the electronic exchange of Part Certification Forms (e.g., air worthiness release certificates, part certification forms, transfer documents, etc.)
  • The RFID on Parts Project Team develops industry standards for the encoding of data on RFID tags which are to be affixed to parts for the life of the part
  • The Software Distribution Project Team recommends enhancements and developing aviation industry consensus for the changes to methods and practices for the delivery of Field Loadable Software (FLS)
  • The Supply Chain Management Interest Group for part procurement, provisioning, repair, warranty, trading partner management and other supply chain functions

* The EDPT has launched a new initiative to provide a transition process for users of Spec 2000 forms who have not yet embraced the latest technology in XML. This is a critical step to ensure the interoperability of the community information exchange.

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