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In line with Smart Security, we are increasing the range of self-service solutions. Border management is a key element, including automated border control gates and kiosks.

Smart Security, a joint program between IATA and ACI, is founded on delivering an uninterrupted journey from curb to aircraft door. It envisages passengers passing through security checkpoints with minimal interruption, where security resources are allocated based on risk, and where airport amenities can be maximized.

The program sets out a roadmap to evolve airport passenger security screening to a more sustainable, efficient and effective process that leverages new technologies. There are three goals:

  1. Strengthened security, with resources based on risk, with better use made of existing technologies, and new technologies introduced with advanced capabilities as they become available.
  2. Increased operational efficiency, from increased throughput, optimized asset use, reduced cost per passenger, and maximized space and staff resources.
  3. Improved passenger experience, with shorter queues and waiting times and technology providing less intrusive and time consuming security screening.

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