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As an industry-owned organization, SITA understands the importance of delivering products and services that are highly valued by the air transport industry.

With more than 400 members and 2,000 customers around the globe, we are driven to provide the air transport community with solutions that solve the industry’s biggest challenges, foster innovation and improve profitability.

We aim to to explore new technologies with potential benefit to the entire community.

We also ensure that IT systems work together through shared infrastructure and cost-effective use of technologies. And working with a wide range of air transport associations in global and regional forum, we aim to deliver common approaches and set new standard that help the industry as a whole become more efficient.

Delivering more value

We’re relentlessly innovating, discovering new opportunities to help our community stay ahead.

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Community innovations

SITA is owned by the air transport industry. We are passionate about working with airlines, airports and governments to introduce new technology and solutions that will benefit the entire community.

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Community value index

The views and opinions of our members and customers  help us shape the future of SITA and ensure that we continue to deliver real value to the air transport community.

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Industry associations

SITA works closely with air transport industry associations in global, regional and national forums. Our relationships with associations enable us to advance industry interests and help solve community issues.

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Industry initiatives

We fulfill a huge role in driving industry initiatives. Our community remit ensures close ties to industry associations. Like them, we’re a member-based organization, representing the air transport industry across the world.

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Industry standards

With our unique position at the heart of the air transport community, SITA advances community interests and addresses the needs of the community as a whole. This includes working closely with associations across the world to define industry standards.

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Community solutions

SITA works with many industry associations, governments and customer groups to develop innovative solutions to community-wide issues.

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Customer forums

We engage with customers through our Customer Advisory Board and many user groups to involve the community in determining strategies and directions.

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