How to become a SITA member

Who can become a SITA member?

(I) Any company, group or organization operating aircraft, or (II) any company, group or organization whose primary business is related to the air transport industry (an "ATI member"), or (III) any eligible institution*,  may request admission to the membership of SITA SCRL if they already are, or intend to become, a customer of SITA.

There are two formalities required before a company can be accepted as a SITA member - the signing of a SITA Membership Agreement and the purchase of one share in SITA SCRL valued at 5 euros.

Key steps

  1. Register your interest with SITA Shareholder Relations, who will share with you all the necessary documentation.
  2. Review all documentation pertaining to the financial and legal obligations governing relations between SITA and its members.
  3. Complete and sign the Membership Agreement and all other requested documentation and send copies to SITA Shareholder Relations.

SITA Shareholder Relations then submits applications to the SITA Council for approval.

Once approved and you have agreed to take a SITA service, your organization will be notified of its acceptance as a SITA member and become entitled to the benefits of SITA membership, based on the completion of all required legal and financial formalities.

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* An eligible institution is:

1. An international organization, which forms part of, is an agency of, is affiliated to, is associated with, or is deemed by the SITA Council to have a role similar to the United Nations in terms of its mission and global reach.

2. Any governmental or non-governmental, national or international regulatory agency, which governs or supports the activities of the air transport industry.

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