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"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world." Nelson Mandela. The UN Global Goal of Quality Education underpins our projects in Africa, particularly with a focus on ICT.

Encouraging engineers

In Africa, women represent only seven to twelve percent of engineering students according to UNESCO.

Encouraging women in science

Civil Aviators in Moscow

SITA is supporting scientific development and education for civil aviation in Russia, while creating community value.

Training highly qualified experts in civil aviation

ICT in South Africa

From building foundations for IT skills with new computer labs to placing graduates in real jobs - SITA is in for the long run.

Read about Academia School

Education and ICT

Since SITA began the Foundation in 2014, we've positively impacted around 83,000 children across five African countries by bringing ICT and education to young people.

Impacting African education

Ireland interns

Paid internships and our Skills @ Work programs in Ireland help develop the IT expertise of the future. SITA was the Ulster Placement Employer of the year in 2018.

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Girls in science

Encouraging women and girls in science is a topic very close to SITA’s heart and commitment to the Global Goals of Quality Education & Gender Equality.

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Narrowing the tech gap

We asked the students at secondary schools in Lusaka, Zambia – the change makers of tomorrow – what they would do if they could take over the world.

Zambian children take over

Supporting children in India

SITA India supports quality education for children through SOS Children's Villages, Khushii, Anchal Charitable Trust and the Akshaya Patra Foundation.

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Aviation scholarship

In May 2014 SITA established a new scholarship at the Civil Aviation University of China. This is the first scholarship program that SITA has established in China. Its goal is to help talented young civil aviation students to focus their study and research on science and technology related to the air transport industry.

Read the full press release

A Skilled GirlForce

We are focused on the UN sustainable goal of gender equality and what actions need to be taken to ensure more women have opportunities  within aviation.

Enabling the next generation of girls

Jordan University ICT

SITA is working with Al Hussein Technical University, Jordan, to develop the information communication technology pathways for its students.

ICT pathways in Jordan

Our Driving force

The Sustainable Development Goals have guided our decisions when choosing  projects with our charity partners.

Achieving the Global Goals

Pen & paper of our time

Students at PEAS schools are always confident, but seeing them present their work on ICT is inspiring.

Technology opening doors

Computers for girls

We worked with our charity partner Computer Aid International to see 100 PCs installed in computer rooms at female student halls of residence at the University of Zimbabwe.

Women at the keyboard

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