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SITA's Urban Air Mobility sector will contribute to the development of the Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) industry. As one of the longest-standing industry partners, working closely with our airline and airport customers, our expertise and knowledge will help AAM operators navigate the landscape and adapt their operating standards accordingly.

Satelite Satelite

eVTOL operators

As Urban Air Mobility operators will be different from conventional airlines, we can help develop customized tools to support pilot flight preparation, fleet monitorization, risk management, and maintenance part tracking.

eVTOL manufacturers

As manufacturers focus on certification and weight management, we can help deliver critical connectivity and develop digital solutions for a better flight efficiency with electrical or hybrid aircraft.

Vertiport manufacturers

As vertiport manufacturers and operators are looking for construction sites, we can bring new technology onsite for passenger processing and the management of all the vertiport resources.

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Our partners are pushing us to embrace different ways of thinking and accelerate our transformation.

Sergio Collela, President SITA Europe

Main contact point

Romain Favennec

Vertiport Product Manager