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Zinnia Mitra is a Senior Manager for Service Improvement in SITA’s office in India. Her role is oriented around Learning & Development for customer success management. She is also SITA’s chairman for POSH (Prevention of Sexual Harassment), a mandated policy for companies in India that employ ten or more staff.

I became a DEI ambassador covering SITA’s India subcontinent operations to fulfil the need people have to feel included, to be comfortable, and to be open to suggesting innovative ideas that can generate revenue for SITA. You need different ideas to be innovative, which is why we have a strong focus on DEI.

Diversity is not just about gender. Differences in communication styles influence perception, mindset, and ways of working such as problem-solving – something that SITA benefits from when being agile to customer needs and the fast-changing market demands. So, it’s up to each of us to support this through daily practice and interactions when collaborating with our peers. At SITA, we are placing greater significance on the different practices to ensure a sense of belonging, no matter our differences.

In 2022, I hosted SITA’s DEI awareness sessions and webinars for our India-based colleagues to bring broader awareness and understanding of what diversity, equity, and inclusion mean for our people. To date, 100+ colleagues in the APAC region have attended DEI awareness sessions where we cover different forms of diversity, addressing biases, and practicing inclusion in the workplace. I’ve stepped up to be a DEI ambassador to champion women’s access here in India to new opportunities at SITA, and the wider industry.

It’s really important for SITA to be engaged in what is happening in the region. Active inclusion is important for our corporate reputation, and it enables us to shape our products and services that are aligned to the needs of our diverse customer base.