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Cheska Binas was part of SITA’s 2-year graduate program based in London with SITA’s Border Management team. In 2023, she became a full-time SITA employee, working as a Product Specialist in Borders. Cheska shares her graduate experience at SITA.

I heard about SITA when I did my Masters in Air Transport Management at the University of Surrey. After some initial research, I decided to apply for SITA’s graduate program. One of the things that really resonated with me about SITA was its emphasis on diversity, inclusion, and development.

Being originally from the Philippines, I wanted to do a placement in a company that embraced diversity, where I could share my perspective and it would be welcomed. So, getting onto SITA’s graduate program was fantastic.

I started my placement in July 2021 at one of SITA’s UK offices. From Day 1, I was given a buddy who closely supported me until I was confident enough to lead my own meetings. I also had regular 1-2-1 meetings with my manager to ensure that I am on the right track. I am encouraged to take my own initiative and assured that making mistakes is okay.

I have had so many highlights during my program. I am one of the founders of the Global Graduates Community at SITA. It is still thriving to this day, with over 100 members globally who meet monthly and engage in fun programs and activities to navigate the working world of SITA.

Comparing myself now to when I first started, my confidence has grown immensely. SITA has this environment that allows you to continuously learn, lead, and try new things. I’ve gained certificates such as Machine Learning Foundations for Product Managers to improve my knowledge. There are endless opportunities for growth, there are new things that unfold at SITA every day, and I try to catch them all!

I’m delighted to have been offered and accepted a full-time permanent role with SITA (in 2023). I feel a sense of purpose. I feel really lucky to be working in a company with a great working culture, full of supportive people, and work-life balance is a priority. It is an environment that I thrive in, and I will continue to work on myself too.