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Despite the challenges of COVID-19, SITA has continued supporting education and economic empowerment for disadvantaged groups in South Africa. This commitment is made as part of SITA’s corporate social responsibility strategy to support the communities wherever in the world it operates and of Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE)* requirements in South Africa.

Since 2015, SITA has invested in the acceleration, growth, and sustainability of 15 Small, Medium, and Micro Enterprises (SMMEs) in South Africa, primarily for IT. Many have become suppliers of SITA. The aim of the business development program – managed by service-provider Raizcorp on behalf of SITA – is to increase the participation of black-owned SMMEs, both within SITA’s supply chain and in the broader South Africa economy.

Boitumelo Mothibeli, Owner of Diphetogo Consulting, shares more on how her enterprise has progressed with support from SITA.

What is Diphetogo Consulting?

Diphetogo Consulting was established in 2018. We are a specialized recruitment agency successfully delivering leading talent in the ICT space in South Africa. Our passion is to solve the needs of a varied client base by identifying and developing the best talent. We specialize in the selection of talented executive professionals. We also support our clients with retention strategies and career management services.  

What inspired you to become an entrepreneur, and why recruiting?

Inspiration can come from anywhere, and it came to me while I was jobless and trying to figure out how to improve my position. When I became unemployed, I immediately realized how expensive, time-consuming, and frustrating it is to look for work. Imagine dealing with this frustration if you are someone with limited resources or help.

I decided to assist individuals in finding work as a profession. I believe a chance for employment may transform the conditions of any home, which in turn can affect communities and the social challenges we face. We cannot underestimate the power of work in South Africa; it can alter people's lives, which is why I decided on recruiting and setting up a recruitment firm.

With recruitment, I can make a positive impact on both candidates and the companies hiring. For individuals out of work, I provide coaching and support to help them develop and realize their career potential. I am also addressing the recruitment gaps and needs of my clients.

As well, simplifying the recruitment process, helping to boost workplace diversity and inclusion are passions of mine.

What has helped you advance your business?

The business development program financed by SITA has been hugely beneficial to my company. It has connected me with specialists who have given me advice on taxation, human resources, and legal matters. This has aided my organization in creating a profitable and long-term business plan. I have also been able to invest in new IT equipment.

The support received has also helped us better prepare candidates and invest more of our time in support services, including career coaching, CV writing, and interview techniques, which has been really important given the pandemic-induced job losses across South Africa.

Productivity and placement turnaround time has improved as a result of the support. My company has witnessed faster expansion as a consequence of improved efficiency and workflow. I am pleased to say that we have placed 80% of candidates in employment.

What are your growth plans?

We have ambitions to enter new markets via local partners on the ground. I aim to expand locally and globally!


* B-BBEE is a government strategy in South Africa designed to address the past inequalities of apartheid by increasing opportunities for black citizens to participate in the economy. To do business successfully in South Africa, companies need to demonstrate compliance with B-BBEE.

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