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Secure Application Login Service Access (SALSA) from SITA is a PC-based service that enables users to access SITA applications from their PC workstations - via the Internet - securely & reliably


Using two-factor authentication, SALSA ensures that application access is only granted to known users from identified workstations. All SALSA traffic is encrypted as it transits the Internet between the user’s workstation and SITA’s network. The SALSA user community is controlled centrally by SITA and enables individual user access to be provisioned, suspended or revoked without requiring on-site intervention.


Multiple resilient SALSA gateways, utilizing high-speed links to SITA data centres, ensure service availability and optimum performance for users globally.

SALSA is ideally suited for small outstations, mobile users, short-term and emergency needs. It is also suited in instances when third parties support your operations.

This page provides the resources necessary to install and operate SALSA.


The steps required to install SALSA on a PC workstation are described within the Installation guide that can be downloaded below.

Note: For users to install SALSA on a PC requires them to have administrator rights. Where such rights are not available, SALSA will require installation by IT administrator staff. 


Once installed, SALSA is immediately ready for use. The steps required to operate SALSA are described within the End user guide that can be downloaded below.  It includes a number of useful Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) s to assist with operating SALSA daily.