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SITA’s iBorders GovernmentGateway delivers the traveler information your government needs to understand who will be traveling to, from and through your country.

By seamlessly integrating traveler data streams for both passengers and crew, it creates a single feed you can integrate into existing systems and security procedures.

  • Match complete data on travelers against internal government databases
  • A full, safe and secure data feed that’s constantly analyzed to assure quality and completeness
  • Non-compliant data is flagged to carriers (airline, train operators, cruise companies, etc.) for review and resubmission
  • Operational in as little as six weeks

How it helps

Securing borders with seamless access to data

iBorders GovernmentGateway is the link between traveler data and border security systems. Combining multiple data feeds into a singe easy-to-access feed, it provides a complete overview of data on all travelers. 

Following international standards, the data feed is delivered in a format that allows easy integration with your own internal border security systems. 

The iBorders data stream includes:

  • Passenger Name Record (PNR) – Created at the point of booking, contains valuable information on travel intentions, delivered at specific time frames prior to departure
  • Interactive Advanced Passenger Information (iAPI) – Delivers the same API data interactively to your government when travelers check in, allowing you to know in advance who wishes to travel to your country and plan accordingly
  • Advanced Passenger Information (API) – Also referred to as manifest data, the confirmation of travelers who boarded and is only confirmed on aircraft departure
  • Departure Control System (DCS) data – Provides a rich snapshot of traveler data collected at the airport

Why us?

iBorders GovernmentGateway streamlines the data processing, consolidating all carrier information into a single easy-to-use stream. It allows you to have confidence in the quality, format and time the data is submitted.

We have an exceptional international track record helping governments to transform border operations. Developed in partnership with governments over 20 years, our iBorders portfolio is the most comprehensive suite of border management products available today.

Deployed in over 40 countries, SITA’s iBorders portfolio is the most widely used border security solution in the world.


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