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Committed to customer growth

SITA knows that effective training underpins our customers’ success. Giving your employees the training they need will help them perform their jobs better and handle many situations that arise.

SITA offers Air travel solutions training which is focused on SITA's portfolio for airports and covers training in passenger processing, baggage operations, airport operations and business intelligence.

This comprehensive curriculum is designed to ensure your staff improves their level of knowledge to maximize the functionality that each portfolio offers. From new product training to recurrent training to reference libraries – we have you covered.

SITA’s training utilizes:

  • A learning object-based approach  - these are the building blocks that form training modules
  • A global network of instructors to provide the highest quality training on SITA solutions
  • A range of training delivery methods

What we offer


SITA provides a variety of instructor-led classroom training courses. Your staff will benefit from learning in a quiet environment away from noise and pressures. They also benefit from group interaction so they can learn from one another as well as from the trainer.  These courses can be held at a customers’ office or in a SITA organized facility.


SITA offers a wide array of e-learning courses that are delivered via the Internet. With e-learning, customers can progress at their own pace and no travel is required. Courses are accessible 24/7 and learners can experiment in software simulations safely and without impacting production systems.


SITA offers some educational webinars using the Internet. Webinars are perfect for customers in geographically dispersed offices. They allow for two-way interaction and document-sharing between the instructor and staff. Employees can chat or respond to questions using a keyboard and sessions can be recorded for on-demand review later. No travel is required.


  • Customizable programs – we can help you build a blended training plan that incorporates both e-learning and classroom training followed by  testing and knowledge checks
  • Branded e-learning training courses can be built with a customer’s own colors and logos
  • Localization – training materials can be created in over 30 local languages and designed to incorporate additional customer needs


We are the largest independent supplier to the air transport industry and offer the broadest portfolio of services and solutions in the market. As we continue to make significant investments in technology we are keeping our customers in mind. We are committed to customer training and to providing you with exceptional learning experiences.

Air Travel Solutions training

Air travel solutions training provides product-specific instruction for customers and is primarily classroom-led. Customer training can be taught on site.

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