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SITA Service Management

We provide secure, world-class service management across the entire SITA portfolio and handle multi-vendor service management on your behalf.

Through a fully customizable range of services, we match your changing needs and ensure maximum uptime. We help you get more value from your IT and reduce the effort of using it.

SITA Global Services puts technology to work for the world's top airports and airlines, supporting your operational needs through 24/7 worldwide availability and proactive monitoring.

All of that supported by 2,000 service professionals dedicated solely to the air transport industry (ATI).

Get more value from your IT

SITA’s flexible, proven service model offers exceptional value for money. It is scalable to fully meet your requirements.

This flexibility ensures you pay for what you need - no more, no less. Through our global coverage, we access local and remote support and achieve economies of scale for you.



Our service model includes:

  • Service management of your IT investment or out-sourced business to maximize the value and return you gain
  • Supporting IT hardware and software maintenance
  • Managing change and delivering projects across your entire infrastructure
  • Troubleshooting and resolving incidents 24/7 via a single point-of-contact
  • Proactively monitoring your infrastructure to resolve issues quickly - or avoid them altogether
  • Analyzing your infrastructure to improve operational performance and identify cost-savings

How we do it

People-powered services

Prepared to go the extra mile

Our technical solutions are only as good as the people who implement and manage them. Two thousand support team members are prepared to go the extra-mile and are trained to provide ongoing service excellence.

Not only do we make sure our employees have all the relevant certifications - they also have a complete understanding of our customers.

  • 2,000 dedicated aviation IT specialists & engineers
  • 125+ countries & territories
  • 60+ languages spoken
  • 2,800+ customers supported

Customer service managers

Whatever your services needs are, SITA's ITIL-certified service managers are your single point-of-contact. They provide know-how and experience, unparalleled in the ATI, to manage the services on your behalf; providing you with more visibility and control over IT performance; enabling you to optimize resources, anticipate the evolution of your service needs and confidently deal with the unexpected.

Specialist teams

Offering many years’ experience across specialized teams, including baggage, messaging, airport and field engineering, our teams are experts in transforming technology into business solutions. We can offer you unrivaled maintenance and expert support.

Field engineers

Located at 350 sites in 120 countries, SITA's field engineers cover service delivery, change management and technical physical intervention at your location.

Application and product support

Once your application is up and running, SITA can help you enhance the operational performance of all our products and solutions through our SGS customer application support.

Always reliable and available

Our air transport industry specialists ensure your operational IT systems are always reliable and available—around the clock, around the world.

SITA Command Center

100% dedicated to the ATI

SITA Command Centers operate 24/7 - powered by people and using the latest tools and technology. Our goal is to improve service availability and reliability via continuous monitoring and troubleshooting.

SITA Data Centers

Safe, secure, reliable

SITA Data Centers store core business and operational data for the entire industry, hosting applications for hundreds of airports and airlines worldwide. Best of all, we're flexible. SITA can increase or decrease your processing and storage capacity to meet your business needs.

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