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Used by over 50 airlines to board 105 million passengers per year, Horizon® Reservations is the largest independent, multi-host passenger management system in the world. These systems comprise the core PSS modules at the heart of your business. They help you distribute, sell and service your airline’s products and provide key functionality for flight and schedule management and inventory control. They work in conjunction with associated pricing, ticketing and check-in necessary to create and manage your reservations.

Generate profitable revenues

Horizon Reservations ensures your product, distribution, sales and service all achieve the best bottom line results. It helps you optimize and expand your airline network and distribution via all direct and strategic third-party channels. Controls let you segment your markets, channels and customers. Plus, you can increase ancillary revenue and partner sales, self-service and automation.

Address customer needs

Horizon Reservations enables you to easily recognize your valued customers and service them efficiently.  You can differentiate your product, pricing and booking conditions for different leisure and business markets. And you can segment your market by controlling inventory in multiple channels and points of sale, down to travel agency level, utilizing inventory strategies to address market conditions.

Respond to change

Horizon Reservations helps you to introduce new strategies or respond to competitors’ initiatives . As you grow, you can establish alliances, interline and code share partnerships, evolve inventory management strategies and deploy ancillary services concepts. You can also integrate new technologies and functionality, incorporate business intelligence and develop new ways of working and interacting in an integrated marketplace.


50+ global airlines use Horizon Reservations to board 105+ million passengers per year

We have come to depend on SITA as they provide us with a cost-effective, flexible and value-centric passenger services system.

Kyu Nam Choi, Chief Executive Officer, JEJU AIR

How it helps

For your airline to be successful, high customer satisfaction is essential. That means being able to accurately control your inventory and provide services to meet their needs. As such, one of the most important decisions you will make is which passenger services system (PSS) to invest in.

Your core PSS modules – comprising reservations and inventory – provide the foundation for your success and determine how you deliver on strategic objectives. With Horizon’s responsive passenger services, new technology foundations, rich functionality and flexibility, you get an integrated PSS solutions portfolio that helps you respond to the evolution of your business in a constantly changing marketplace.

Key features

  • Real-time inventory control  
  • Schedule management
  • Extensive group management functionality
  • Inventory-controlled special service requests (SSR) management
  • On-demand (management) reporting
  • Parameter-driven user controls, enabling self-implemented changes
  • Low-cost carrier support and evolution to hybrid and full-service operational models.


  • Customer Profile – stores customer information to create bookings and more
  • Marketplace Air – multi-carrier inventory lets airlines purchase air segments on other airlines
  • Reservations Desktop – advanced graphical user interface (GUI) for reservations agents


  • As a fully-hosted service - it allows you to focus your attention on your customers and business
  • Reduced distribution and GDS costs
  • Enhanced partner relationships – through efficient code share and interlining
  • Better customer relationships
  • Improved flexibility

Why us?

Horizon Reservations is one of the most feature-rich and sophisticated systems in the world, and for specific market needs, an efficient process is in place to develop additional functionality. All modules are parameter driven, thus providing access at every point of sale.

While many competing systems require users to submit change orders to manage codeshare partnerships, Horizon Reservations enables users to do it themselves – without delay and setup costs.

Because all components of Horizon® are integrated, Horizon Reservations interoperates with other systems including e-commerce, loyalty and revenue integrity systems for greater functionality than would be delivered by third-party systems. 

Horizon Reservations supports industry standards in line with latest IATA resolutions.

Global support

Horizon is provided on an application service provider (ASP) basis, with SITA managing the technology, allowing the customer to focus on the business. Service includes guaranteed service level agreements (SLAs), 24 x 7 helpdesk support and application monitoring.

SITA’s infrastructure is supported by SITA Global Services (SGS), which provides you with global business continuity through a flexible service model. Our monitoring service ensures your IT systems are reliable and available, around the clock, around the world.


50+ global airlines use Horizon Reservations to board 105+ million passengers per year

We have come to depend on SITA as they provide us with a cost-effective, flexible and value-centric passenger services system.

Kyu Nam Choi, Chief Executive Officer, JEJU AIR

White papers

Horizon Reservations Inventory and Fulfilment

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Horizon Marketplace Air

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With Horizon Marketplace Air, sell seats and services on other airlines via your own reservations agents and connected travel agents.

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