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A cloud the industry relies on

Cloud Computing is changing the way the air transport industry (ATI) does business.

SITA’s ATI Cloud offers a new way of consuming and distributing your applications, information and business services – on-demand.

Benoit Verbaere, Senior Portfolio Manager, SITA, discusses real-world end-to-end applications of cloud computing in the air transport industry.

Solely dedicated to the ATI

Your business becomes more agile

ATI Cloud gives you more flexibility with on-demand IT services, ATI applications and software adapted to your user profiles. SITA facilitates new ways of working and provides you with access to industry and business applications and services based on your workplace needs, including access to all ATI players, applications and content providers. 

ATI Cloud consistency

SITA's high-performance cloud is designed with ATI business-critical operations in mind and our service level agreements (SLA) are created for real-time operations. The ATI Cloud also provides end-to-end access across all regions and airports.

Fully integrated and ATI compliant

ATI Cloud eliminates the risk and cost of integrating multiple cloud providers. We offer seamless migration and integration between existing cloud services and your current IT environments. Our cloud is specifically designed for ATI business needs and meets all industry standards.

Where ISVs can maximize their potential

What our customers say

There are many reasons why our customers trust in the ATI Cloud. Unique pre-connections providing immediate and scalable access to main ATI locations, unrivaled reach, instant deployment, and consistent performance and end-user experience, are just some of them.

Did you know?

Some fast facts about the SITA ATI Cloud:

01 truly global infrastructure pre-connected to 380 airports, 17,000  air transport sites, and 15,000 commercial aircraft
03 Cloud Data Centers (Frankfurt, Singapore and Atlanta) backed by a Cloud Center of Excellence
03 days to provision a new site
0Outsourcing IT operations to SITA and moving infrastructure to the ATI Cloud can deliver up to 30% cost savings and ROI paid back in 2 years

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At every step

From passenger processing to cargo operations through to aircraft e-Enablement, SITA’s ATI Cloud can help address and optimize many of your business processes.
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Migrating to the cloud

SITA has developed a four-step methodology that will guide you on your journey to the cloud. It incorporates assessment, design, implementation and  operational support. It works just as well for a single...
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Use cases

IT transformation for outstations

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Airline IT departments are coping with stringent business demands, budget constraints, security requirements, technology obsolescence, and new ways of working. Virtualization of the employee workspace is an efficient and future-proof way to address these challenges and become more agile.

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