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1. Become a certified vendor

2. Vendor registration request*

*You and your company must be registered for certification in order to proceed, if this is not the case please go to step 1.


Why certify your products with SITA? 

You want to maximize the reach of your products and solutions through SITA’s open ecosystem worldwide. When your device is implemented onsite at an airport, you want to ensure that it will not degrade or stop the operations onsite. Certification is SITA’s quality assurance that this will not happen. 

SITA is an open platform, and we do not force airports into choosing any particular provider. However, to ensure the quality and operational integrity of our common-use environment, we must certify equipment connecting to our platform. 

As devices become more complex and the time and resources required for certification by SITA become more extensive, we need to ensure that these costs are addressed. SITA has updated its process in this regard and requires all vendors to understand this process and register for device certification. Consequently, there is a robust and fair process for everyone to get their devices certified. 

How to certify? 

SITA has a transparent process that all vendors must follow to get any future certifications performed.  

The process is as follows: 


Before any statement of work is undertaken, SITA requires all vendors to complete a form, so we can set you up as a supplier, track all the requests and provide more transparency in the process. 


Once registered, you will be required to sign a contract. Following signature, you can then request any certification through a central e-mail request to our sales team. If you have already completed this, you can submit a request.


Upon receiving your request, SITA will provide a schedule and cost for the certification. Once agreed, a statement of work is signed, and certification is scheduled into the calendar.  


Once agreed, we follow the standard certification process, with hardware testing, application testing, and testing at a minimum of two BETA sites (to be provided by the vendor). 


On the completion of the BETA, an invoice is issued, and on receipt of payment, SITA will provide a global certificate for the device. 

Become a certified vendor