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Real-world examples of SITA products and solutions helping the industry meet goals and overcome challenges

  • AIRCOM® Information Services

    - 271 kb
    Use the SITA AIRCOM network to obtain the latest weather reports and monitor airport and air traffic conditions from origination to destination.
  • Airport Central Fast Start

    - 139 kb
    A ready-to-go airport management solution to increase productivity and drive operational efficiency.
  • Airport Connect Common Use Payment Services

    - 218 kb - Free registration required
    The first solution aligned with credit card brand approvals, addressing the need for airlines to be able to accept payments securely at common use airports.
  • Airport handling operations

    - 185 kb
    With frequent changes to seasonal flight schedules, your handling workforce must meet the demands of operational disruptions. SITA solutions import flight schedules, manage service standards, and prepare for "what if" scenarios.
  • Airport Infrastructure Management commercialization

    - 209 kb
    Airport Campus LAN Management and Commercialization solutions allow airports to focus on their core business by entrusting their infrastructure to an expert partner.
  • Airport Infrastructure Management integration

    - 206 kb
    SITA Airport Campus LAN Integration allows airports to use a shared IP infrastructure and to adopt new technologies as means of streamlining the airport operation.
  • Airport MSI

    - 236 kb
    For new terminal or airport construction, Airport MSI (Master System Integration) seamlessly merges and enhances multiple technology delivery projects into a single program within a construction environment.
  • Airport Self-Service Gates

    - 166 kb
    Reduce queues, boarding times and free up agents to focus on customer support
  • AirportBusiness Manager

    - 195 kb
    Simplify the management of all contracts with a comprehensive set of tools to handle all agreements, revenue and non-revenue producing.
  • AirportCentral AirportResource Manager

    - 200 kb
    Real-time planning and tracking of irregular operations, aeronautical billing, and reporting.
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