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Real-world examples of SITA products and solutions helping the industry meet goals and overcome challenges

  • AIRCOM® Information Services

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    Use the SITA AIRCOM network to obtain the latest weather reports and monitor airport and air traffic conditions from origination to destination.
  • Airport handling operations

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    With frequent changes to seasonal flight schedules, your handling workforce must meet the demands of operational disruptions. SITA solutions import flight schedules, manage service standards, and prepare for "what if" scenarios.
  • Airport Infrastructure Management commercialization

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    Airport Campus LAN Management and Commercialization solutions allow airports to focus on their core business by entrusting their infrastructure to an expert partner.
  • AirportConnect D4 Kiosk

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    SITA's next-generation kiosks include key features that provide significant cost savings for dedicated, single-airline use as well as common, multiple-airline use.
  • AirportResource Manager

    - 184 kb
    Address vital issues such as passenger growth, capacity constraints, profitability and on-time performance

    - 159 kb
    As a result of the partnership with SITA, the ANSP gets a state-of-the-art A/G datalink communications infrastructure at a fraction of the cost that would be incurred if it was developed from scratch.
  • ATS AIRCOM En-route Systems

    - 394 kb
    SITA's ATS AIRCOM En-route Systems helps maintain and enhance air navigation safety and efficiency during all flight phases.

    - 165 kb
    The use of datalink contributes towards maintaining and enhancing air navigation services safety and efficiency during all flight phases. SITA's ATS AIRCOM FANS-1/A service enables ANSPs that provide FANS-1/A service(s) to communicate with participating aircraft.
  • ATS AIRCOM Tower Systems

    - 267 kb
    SITA's ATS AIRCOM Tower Systems are turnkey systems that enable ANSPs to provide d-ATIS and/or d-VOLMET, and/or departure clearance (DCL) solutions.
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