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New technology boosts passenger satisfaction

Published on  06 June 2019 08:35  by Matthys Serfontein

In my opinion, the air transport industry is fast approaching a turning point, which will see the passenger experience enter a whole new era driven by technological change.

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Blockchain. Are we asking the wrong question?

Published on  30 May 2019 02:35  by Barry McLaughlin

Blockchain has huge potential. Today, more than 2000 start-ups are working on blockchain related projects and services. So, what is the right question?

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Why collaboration works

Published on  23 May 2019 12:55  by Amber Harrison

As we recognize Africa Day and its theme of unity, I’ve been reflecting on the importance of partnership and collaboration in CSR community outreach.

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The route to end-to-end baggage tracking

Published on  16 May 2019 05:25  by Peter Drummond

Even though technology has drastically reduced mishandling, the reasons for it remain the same. Bag tracking promises a better future.

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Baggage tracking investment pays off in short time

Published on  09 May 2019 06:11  by Timos Korosis

An entirely new philosophy for baggage mishandling evaluation yields significant improvements.

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Tracking improves passenger baggage delivery by 66%

Published on  25 April 2019 03:55  by Peter Drummond

This is one of the results of the newly launched Baggage IT Insights report, which clearly shows the success of bag tracking initiatives.

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Are we heading into the teenage years of Blockchain?

Published on  18 April 2019 02:50  by Barry McLaughlin

In the second half of 2018, SITA launched the Aviation Blockchain Sandbox. Now, six months on, what have we learned?

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Aviation emissions and CSR - a balancing act

Published on  16 April 2019 04:09  by Amber Harrison

How can we balance the growing need for air travel with its environmental impact?

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Digital twins, the airport operations control interface of the future

Published on  11 April 2019 05:27  by Kevin O'Sullivan

Will this technology used by Formula 1 teams revolutionize airport operations?

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Were you in London? Did you see what I saw?

Published on  04 April 2019 09:45  by Nathalie Abdallah

See my prediction of what will make the seamless passenger journey a reality. We are seeing pockets of success and widespread adoption will really give passengers what they want.

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