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KATE the kiosk walks to a rapturous reception in Japan

Published on  07 February 2018 06:45  by Sumesh Patel

Japan has always been a forerunner in robotic innovations and intelligent technology, and everyone is very enthusiastic about new developments. We knew that, of course, but we were still surprised by the rapturous reception KATE got.

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AI: ready for take off at an airport near you

Published on  05 February 2018 04:04  by Jim Peters

SITA’s research reveals that around half of airlines and airports say they’re planning to adopt predictive tools, using AI and cognitive computing, over the coming five to ten years.

We’ll see radical changes in how people get on and off planes and how airlines get their planes in and out of airports.

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Think holistically about the travel experience

Published on  29 January 2018 09:09  by Joe Leader

We’re in a new golden age of travel, as increasing digitalization of our industry creates a new travel experience.

The number one priority for improving passenger experience is to make the process seamless and logical for passengers themselves. But airlines, airports and vendors are still acting in a siloed manner, forcing passengers to log in to proprietary applications.

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A new travel experience is music to our ears

Published on  18 January 2018 02:50  by Matthys Serfontein

One of the IATA and ACI’s NEXTT goals is to guide investments that will drive new ways of doing business, as the air transport industry grapples with continuous growth and ever bigger airports of the future.

The transformative technologies and focus areas cited by NEXTT are high on SITA’s agenda, as we explore areas that will deliver digital transformation for the industry.

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The best recovery plans are built on up-to-date technology

Published on  05 January 2018 12:26  by Rohit Bhatnagar

In our business, we must always improve. That means keeping IT infrastructure up to date. Outdated and unreliable underlying technologies are unlikely to be compatible with the concept of IT readiness.

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Location services top aviation agendas

Published on  02 November 2017 01:52  by Jack Loop

Based in San Francisco, LocusLabs provides a platform and the tools to make applications location aware. This year SITA made a strategic investment in LocusLabs, to support SITA's focus on common-use geo-location technology.  

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In search of that elusive 'single version of the truth'

Published on  12 October 2017 02:11  by Nick Gates

There’s a big demand to turn data into intelligence that's capable of furnishing a single version of the truth, in real-time or as near as we can make it.

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The SITA Air Transport Community Foundation at the University of Zimbabwe: a good hustle

Published on  03 October 2017 01:54  by Amber Harrison

Meet the students and learn more about our project at the University of Zimbabwe in our new video

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Let's face it! Biometric identity is going main stream...

Published on  14 September 2017 04:00  by Jim Peters

With Apple’s new iPhone X facial biometric identity verification system, we will see a lot more people using their face to validate who they are, but what does that mean for security at airports?

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Don't be complacent about cybersecurity

Published on  06 July 2017 01:00  by Michael Schellenberg

No industry or country in the world is immune from cyber attack. 

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