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Poor data = big border risks

Published on  24 April 2018 09:09  by Peter Sutcliffe

Governments rely on data provided by carriers to perform a risk assessment on all people arriving or departing the country.

Why is the collaboration essential and data quality the key?

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IATA OneID: building consensus in a multi-stakeholder collaboration

Published on  19 April 2018 05:13  by Sean Farrell

ID management, based on biometric facial recognition, has become a more viable and secure technology, but expanding its use requires the development of standards and industry best practices.

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The Airport CIO's watchlist

Published on  05 April 2018 02:24  by Ersin İnankul

Istanbul New Airport (İGA) is the largest infrastructure project in Turkey's history. What makes it unique? And from a technology viewpoint, what are the key considerations to ensure you accommodate future growth?

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Internet of Things: "Truly a game-changer"

Published on  03 April 2018 08:35  by Arnaud Brolly

In this first of three blogs I’ll be citing some use cases for the Internet of Things (IoT) in air transport. At SITA we see a lot of really exciting potential.

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B2 Everything and Everybody

Published on  29 March 2018 08:11  by Catherine Mayer

Another year, another Passenger Terminal Expo! It was an exhausting yet exhilarating three days. Our industry is embracing this digital world and my take away from the event is that airports will soon be B2 Everything and Everybody! It is an exciting time and makes me wonder where we will be in another year's time.

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Predicting OTP: Are we there yet?

Published on  21 March 2018 09:46  by Fraser McGibbon

Flight disruption results in significant costs to the air transport industry. Airlines alone spend in excess of USD$25 billion per year as a result of poor on-time performance. Can we bring more certainty to flight times through AI?

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Stockholm, here we come!

Published on  15 March 2018 02:50  by Etienne van Zuijlen

Only a few days to go before more than 7,000 airport executives from all over the world will gather for the biggest airport conference and exhibition of the year: PTE 2018.

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Blockchain in air travel

Published on  22 February 2018 06:25  by Kevin O'Sullivan

This is a new world – a world in which businesses can quickly contract, exchange services, record transactions, manage payment and disengage in near-absolute security.

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KATE the kiosk walks to a rapturous reception in Japan

Published on  07 February 2018 06:45  by Sumesh Patel

Japan has always been a forerunner in robotic innovations and intelligent technology, and everyone is very enthusiastic about new developments. We knew that, of course, but we were still surprised by the rapturous reception KATE got.

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AI: ready for take off at an airport near you

Published on  05 February 2018 04:04  by Jim Peters

SITA’s research reveals that around half of airlines and airports say they’re planning to adopt predictive tools, using AI and cognitive computing, over the coming five to ten years.

We’ll see radical changes in how people get on and off planes and how airlines get their planes in and out of airports.

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