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Helping to transform education in Africa

Published on  12 August 2019 04:40  by Amber Harrison

It’s all about giving every child the opportunity to learn, while igniting their curiosity and appetite for education in subjects they find genuinely exciting and life-changing.

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Aviation's capacity crunch

Published on  08 August 2019 07:00  by Thomas Deillon

Will data or collaboration solve it?

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Why aviation needs to get the measure of blockchain

Published on  01 August 2019 02:00  by Barry McLaughlin

Every day, the 1 trillion or so connected devices in the world generate 2.5 quintillion bytes of data. The impact is phenomenal.

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The changing face of travel in a post-digital age

Published on  25 July 2019 03:00  by Sean Farrell

What will air travel look like in a society where most of the global population has grown up with digital technology?

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Do tracking points improve baggage delivery?

Published on  18 July 2019 04:10  by Peter Drummond

The SITA 2019 Baggage IT Insights report highlights the fact that tracking baggage at two key points resulted in significant improvements.

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The advent of 'Border Automation 2.0'

Published on  11 July 2019 01:25  by Kier-co Gerritsen

We’re already seeing is a distinct shift towards new capabilities that will form a vital part of the second wave of border automation.

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To innovate, we must collaborate

Published on  03 July 2019 05:19  by Catherine Mayer

Game-changing technology will enable machine-to-machine communications and machine-to-infrastructure communications, improving latency and enabling autonomy.

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Delivering a seamless, data-driven journey

Published on  27 June 2019 04:01  by Barbara Dalibard

Last week I was in Antwerp, where one topic persistently came up over the two days. It was one that really resonated with me.

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Self-sovereign identity – giving control back to passengers

Published on  20 June 2019 01:00  by Gustavo Pina

We live in a digital world where secure digital identification is a necessity for so many things – not least travel and crossing borders. Is Self-Sovereign Identity the answer?

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IATA has its sights on a 25% reduction in the global baggage mishandling rate

Published on  13 June 2019 01:35  by Andrew Price

IATA’s Annual General Meeting unanimously agreed to support two essential technologies toward the goal.

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