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Discover what aviation innovators are thinking and doing. Regular contributors include SITA executives as well as guest bloggers from airlines, airports and other air transport industry stakeholders.

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Identity management: A meeting of minds

Published on  09 September 2016 07:34  by Jim Peters

In the space of just a few months the air transport industry and US government have made remarkable progress towards a common vision for identity management of the future.

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Technology or people? Going hybrid in India

Published on  08 September 2016 11:00  by Mittu Chandilya

Mittu Chandilya, former MD & CEO of AirAsia India, provides us with insight on India's aviation environment. He details why he believes a hybrid approach is needed to tackle the challenges facing the air transport industry (ATI).

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Secure identity management made easy

Published on  01 September 2016 10:37  by Stephen Challis

From increasing passenger numbers, to growing security threats, SITA's Stephen Challis discusses the increasing need for secure identity management in the ATI, and how it can be implemented today.

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Aviation cyberthreats - The weakest link

Published on  25 August 2016 03:47  by Dr. Simon Moores

Key speaker at the recent IT Summit, Security Futurist and Risk consultant Dr. Simon Moores, shares fascinating insight into cybersecurity threats facing organizations. He identifies the broader threats for aviation and the weakest link.

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IOT – Smart and Connected

Published on  18 August 2016 10:45  by Charlie Sheridan

Charlie Sheridan, Director, IoT Systems Research Lab, Intel focuses our attention on the three phases of IoT deployment. He discusses how the lack of standards in interconnectivity will prove a challenge and where the business value lies for aviation.

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Software distribution - the easy way

Published on  15 August 2016 11:30  by Pierre Guiol

How do you keep all of your hardware devices updated when they are spread across so many different airports in so many far-flung countries?

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NDC the next game changer

Published on  11 August 2016 12:15  by Dominique El Bez

NDC is expected to change the overall commercial activities of the industry. Dominique El Bez, SITA and Ian Ryder, SITA discuss the need for airlines to be ready to expose their products through NDC and the challenges to the adoption of NDC by the multiple stakeholder.

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Wired for change

Published on  04 August 2016 09:34  by Gene Quinn

Gene Quinn, CEO & Co-Founder, Tnooz talks headline-grabbing travel and technology trends from chat bots to virtual reality.

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Could not having inflight connectivity impact airline seat sales?

Published on  28 July 2016 03:23  by Joe Leader

Joe Leader, CEO, APEX (Airline Passenger Experience Association) explains that with passengers placing a higher priority on value than seat price passenger experience is becoming decisive and inflight connectivity is playing a major role - and not just about entertainment or the ability to connect to family or friends.

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Tackling cyber threats

Published on  21 July 2016 11:08  by Thomas Gourgeon

Thomas Gourgeon, Head of Internal Operations, Orange Cyberdefense,  highlights the  vulnerability of companies and the related challenges in terms of prevention, detection and reaction to cyber threats.

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