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Congratulations - it's digital twins!

Published on  13 September 2018 02:25  by Gustavo Pina

Digital Twins have the potential to be the universal interface to get the needed value out of information across all the stakeholders in the airport, in many different ways.

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Why you must scrutinize IT service management standards

Published on  06 September 2018 08:00  by Steven McReynolds

Does your service provider have a complete set of IT Service Management processes and procedures certified by an International Standard Organization (ISO)?

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Do you know the next steps in your PSS journey?

Published on  29 August 2018 05:55  by Allison O'Neill

Airlines don’t always follow the same path to growth. Along the way, there will be decisions about which business direction to take next.

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Let's collaborate to explore blockchain: SITA's 'Aviation Blockchain Sandbox'

Published on  23 August 2018 10:00  by Barry McLaughlin

The challenge of setting up a multi-organization blockchain network is not trivial. Who sets it up? How do we interact with it? What governance needs to happen? Who maintains the network? How do we get started?

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5G Connecting now - connecting fast

Published on  16 August 2018 04:59  by Gilles Bloch-Morhange

With this availability of high-speed secured bandwidth, airlines and airports will be able to develop new solutions, for both passengers and operations, ones that just weren’t possible before.

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How can airports manage cybersecurity on a constrained IT budget?

Published on  09 August 2018 09:00  by Stephane Gomez

This is often the first component security executives look at when building up their capabilities. It takes charge of managing detected incidents for all information systems.

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Learning will fuel the next future of aviation

Published on  02 August 2018 11:00  by Rohit Talwar

I got a fascinating peek into where the industry stands in its pursuit of an enhanced passenger experience and increased efficiency. For me, the message is clear, learning is the most important enabler of progress in a faster, more digital environment.

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Emerging talent in African aviation

Published on  26 July 2018 08:15  by Amber Harrison

WITS University students and entrepreneurs at Tshimologong Precinct were challenged to find a solution to ease the travel experience for the first-time traveler in Africa. 

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Is your Passenger Information Unit (PIU) ready to receive?

Published on  19 July 2018 07:20  by Andy Smith

The PNR Directive states carriers must transfer PNR data for all passengers into a PIU for analysis and investigation. Is your PIU ready to receive? Are you ready to send the data?

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The journey to baggage handling utopia

Published on  12 July 2018 03:00  by Peter Drummond

For well over a decade baggage mishandling figures have been falling – but with passenger numbers on the increase they’re now flat-lining, which means IATA Resolution 753 has come just at the right time.

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