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Sébastien Fabre

Sébastien was appointed to lead SITA FOR AIRCRAFT in June 2020.

Previously, Sébastien served as VP Airline and Airport Portfolio where he oversaw the product and profit and loss management of SITA’s solutions for airlines and airports.

He joined SITA in 2007 as Innovation Director with the prime objective of delivering new communication and collaboration solutions to support the changing needs of the air transport industry. More recently, he was responsible for the management of SITA’s Network and Airport businesses.

Prior to SITA, Sébastien held various positions in research and development, product development and business unit management for Equant and Orange Business Services, in areas such as Unified Communications, Mobility, Security and Integration Services.

A French and Swiss national based in Geneva, Sébastien is a graduate of Telecom Paris and the Eurecom Institute.

Latest blog posts

Agility, the key to navigating the path to recovery

Published on  23 June 2020 05:18  by Sébastien Fabre

Why the flexibility, adaptability and automation offered through digitalization will be central to airlines’ post-COVID-19 strategies

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A balancing act - security and the seamless journey

Published on  27 September 2018 02:30  by Sébastien Fabre

How do we deal with the need for more thorough security checks which seem to oppose moving passengers effortlessly through their journey?

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New baggage rules and IT promise to end lost luggage

Published on  02 May 2018 08:31  by Sébastien Fabre

It’s not long to go before IATA Resolution 753 comes into force. This resolution is set to make baggage handling operations take a serious look at the challenges they face.

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IoT - hurdles and future benefits

Published on  24 November 2016 10:46  by Sébastien Fabre

The Internet of Things (IoT) is fast becoming a reality, but with major costs and security concerns implied in the ATI, there are still some hurdles to overcome. Sebastien Fabre, VP Integrated Networks Business Line for SITA, discusses the need for standardization and collaboration within the industry, and the future benefits of the IoT.

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